Monday, March 30, 2009

Funkengroovin - Home From Ramses Station

We finally arrived, two hours late. Our driver was concerned, but stated, "Here in Egypt, you can never depend on anything happening when they say it will." A bit like the comment from the meet and greet man at the airport, who, when VB asked about the new terminal declared, "Yes, they said it would be finished in December, but they did not say which year." Let VB mention - she was not picked up in her car, but a pool car. Thus, the schmutz in the photos (from the windows.) Below: Ramses Terminal as seen from the parking lot.

As we leave, a yellow Beetle sits hidden behind two garbage bins.

A few side streets away from the station, is a strip of shops selling hardware. The two on the left, seem to specialize in drills.

We finally hit one of the main drags. As buses rush by and gather at a major circle, a white Beetle sits parked in the background, and a donkey cart passes.

As we ease onto a major street, the bicycle riding bread delivery man passes. Apparently the donkeys and bikes are doing much better than us in downtown traffic.

Stuck in traffic. This blue Beetle cut us off, and will probably zigzag it's way out of this jam.

Oh yeah, the Beetle is moving, and we are still stuck in traffic!

Finally moving again, another Beetle. This one orange.

OMG! A VW shop!

A two-tone Beetle on a bridge. We are now literally just sitting in traffic on another bridge. The driver commented that the day before and on this day, traffic seemed to be worst than usual.

Traffic is not only backed up on our side, but both. Check out the entrance ramp to the highway from Mokkatam (you might want to enlarge the photo). No one is moving! And No! Honking does not make traffic magically move.

Ahh - finally back in Maadi, and an off white Beetle sits parked along the road home. Needless to say, this turned out to be one very long, and frustrating day.

Next, the "Downtown Tour."

(VB had planned to post this on Sunday, but decided to retouch and reload the photos. So, it took a bit longer than planned.)

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