Thursday, January 15, 2009

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Out For A Walk

VB is packing. She and Doggie return to Cairo today. Thus, the late post. She's been running around busting her ass, trying to get everything together for the trip, while composing this. The weather here in Connecticut is frigid, but quite nice in Egypt, this time of the year. In anticipation of her return, and the ability to go out for walks again, without freezing her ass off, VB is presenting Funky findings in the neighborhood, back in Cairo. All these photos were taken within a short distance from VB's apartment in Cairo. It's been a crazy holiday season, and VB hopes to get back on schedule with the blog, after her return to Cairo. Also, she will finish her little rant about traveling with Doggie.

Also, VB just received (yesterday) a copy of Volkswagen Station Wagon: A History in Advertising 1958-1979 (Archives of Advertising) on CD-ROM. VB hopes to use a few of these for the blog, and since she and Doggie are traveling, here's a preview.

The Beatles - Hello Goodbye

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