Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Funkengroovin - The Grocery Store

(Below): A winter scene from VB's little town in Connecticut.

After a long overseas flight, it takes a lot to get VB's ass out of bed (having Doggie duty helps.) Though, it doesn't take much to find new VWs around the hood. So, after a couple of days, VB decided to get up and out to the grocers. She wanted to make chili for Obama's inauguration. She particularly wanted to make it a day ahead, to get everything set, so she could watch as much of the ceremony as possible. (At which point, she stayed up way past her bedtime, and into the middle of the night.)

Walking outside, after hibernating, and trying to get over jet lag, is like having a hangover, but sometimes worse. At least with a hangover, it's just a headache, sensitivity to sound, and light. And all that goes away as the the day wears on (or with jet lag, sometimes up to two weeks), but not the extra crap that comes as a side effect of going from one country to another. With jet lag plus new, and not so sanitized food, the hangover involves a bit more. Not to go into detail here, but the stomach usually becomes involved, sometimes big time, depending on what you eat after landing. If you travel back and forth enough, the side effects eventually become less troublesome. It also depends on where you are in the world, too. VB has found some cities have a profound, prolonged, two week effect on her intestines, while others involve a mere passing, day or two phase. Cairo is in the latter category. And, even when it's not that debilitating, it doesn't help the situation at all. It's a nuisance. So, yeah, it took VB a few days to get out and about. Still, VB is just been hanging around the house here in Cairo, trying to get over the jet lag, eating chili, and staying up all hours trying to keep abreast of what's happening back in the USA. VB will get her act together eventually.

Here are the most recent photos from VB's walk to the grocery store, but sorry, no news.

(Below): On the road.

(Below 2 photos): Parked outside KIMO Market. After taking the photos, VB noticed a cop, in his suit, sitting in a car, just past the phone booth. The police seem to be more numerous around Maadi these days. Possibly due to the Israeli intrusion into Gaza.

(Below): The car that used to be parked here was cream colored. Did they get a paint job (doubt it - it looks pretty worn), or another Bug? Are the following two photos the old car without the car top carrier?

(Below 2 photos): This car looks like the one usually parked in the drive (previous photo), but now sans rooftop carrier. VB's not quite sure what's happening here.

(Below): Another Ad. This one should prove to the kids that the wheel base of the Beetle, Bus, and Vanagon are all the same. Thus, no one should not go around a corner in a Bus or Van, like they're driving a Beetle! (Although, there have been times when we have tried.)

10,000 Maniacs / Natalie Merchant - These Are Days

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  1. VB, looks like you stay in a nice neighbour hood. I've never experienced Jet lag...hope you get over it soon.