Sunday, November 30, 2008

Walking "The City" - A Walk On The Wild Side

VB's not sure what's going on along 5th Avenue in "The City" these days, but it looks like one wild and crazy Christmas. Most of the photos are self explanatory - don't ask VB she has no idea what was going on in the mind of the window designers this year (possibly visions of the newest TeeVee political sensation, Sarah Palin?) Whatever drove them to this, it makes for outrageous photo ops with the tourists, as they pose in front of all the windows.

Also, views of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in the process of being trimmed. VB's only seen the decorated tree a few times in the past herself, so watching the process is pretty interesting. It helps answer the question: How did they do that?

You might want to click on the window photos to enlarge them. The reflection from the street interferes with the view.

(Below): Bergdorf Goodman

(Below): Bergdorf Goodman

(Below): Cartier? (VB's not sure.)

(Belwo): Bergdorf Goodman

(Below): Bergdorf Goodman

(Below): Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in the works. Can you believe they use scaffolding to trim this tree? All we need is a measly step-stool to put the tinfoil covered cardboard star we made long ago, up on the top.

(Below): A closer view.

(Below): At night.

BTW, anyone know what happened at Lulu's Bay?

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