Friday, November 28, 2008

Walking "The City" - The Apple Store

One person who saw VB's Apple Store photo a few posts ago, exclaimed, "But...but....the Apple store looks EMPTY!!!" Yes indeed it does, but that's just the entrance. Usually, the entrance itself is backed up, like a bottleneck traffic jam. But, it was so cold when we visited, and not really the "official holiday shopping season" yet, that it was probably not as busy as it will be in the coming weeks. The actual store is below ground - a subterranean Mac vault, filled with the most recently released, and luscious colored gizmos on the planet. Listening and play stations abound. Accessories, and software face off at either end of the computer play-station area. Here's a tour.

(Below): The exterior - a glassed in entrance, above ground.

(Below): A MacBook station, for checking out the new laptops. There are about four long tables at the store, with around 10 laptops on each one, just for the MacBook area alone. Check out "The Geniuses" in the light blue shirts.

(Below): A view of the entry and a MacBook Table.

(Below): The entry - another view. Some dick walked right in front of VB's camera.

(Below): A view from the cash out end of the store. They also carry printers, and accessories.

(Below): A lot of people sit around the base of the entry, waiting for their Apple addicted loved ones to get another dose of Apple love, (or they're possibly avoiding the cold weather outside.)

(Below): The entry steps.

(Below): The elevator.

(Below): A listening station for one of the various iPods. There are quite a few of these, as well, for each different flavor - Nano, iTouch, Shuffle, Classic, as well as an area for the iPhone.

(Below): A closer up view.

(Below): Most of the iPods and iPhones are located under that colorful wall sign.

(Below): The desktop area.

(Below): A view of "The Genius Bar." Just a guess, but the guys at "The Genius Bar" have dark blue Tees on - does that mean they're bigger, and better geniuses? Doubtful, (if you've ever had an experience with an Apple genius, then you know.) VB avoids them like the plague (unless she's actually buying something - then it's unavoidable.)

(Below): When you leave The Apple Store, to your right you will see Central Park. Go to the corner. There, you can look up to Columbus Circle (the two towers) where the new CNN headquarters are located. The building connecting the two towers holds a small shopping mall. If you choose to walk there, via Central Park South (the traffic jammed street in the photo), you will pass The Jumeirah Essex House (previously known as The Essex House.) Across the street from Columbus Circle, is a Starbucks, just in case you need a lift. Then you can (turn around and head south to) begin your trek down Broadway.

Feist - 1 2 3 4 (Song from an iPod Ad.)

The actual iPod commercial can be found here.

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