Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vagabondblogger Eats Junk Food!

VB considers any chain food restaurant junk food. That's because, for the most part, the food choices are either deep fried, smothered in some thick, creamy cholesterol loaded sauce, or full of trans fats. Not only that, but in the US they suggest not reusing deep frying oil after a certain period. VB generally only eats junk food, while traveling. Unfortunately there's not a lot of choices in Maadi, restaurant-wise. How many Italian? Max's, Vittorios, The Cellar Door (previously known as The Swiss Chalet), and The Mermaid, Restaurant 55 has Italian, as well. Then there's all the Asian restaurants, which are too numerous to remember.

So, for a change, dining along the Nile has become a new past-time. It's either The Fish Market (a review), or TGI Friday's, where VB can get a sizzling dish of chicken fajitas. Not only do they offer a bit of a change, but splendid views. Both restaurants also offer beer and wine, as well.

(Below): Main Entrance to TGI Friday's.

(Below): Some feluccas, and a jet ski.


  1. I loved Petite Swiss Chalet. Is the new place under the same ownership?

  2. abu dhabi/uae daily photo: Yeah, it's all the same: same food, same menu, same chef, same waiters. They redid the interior and changed the name. Not sure why they changed the name, since it was a well known restaurant.