Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - On The Corniche

Traffic along the Corniche here in Maadi is always congested, but even more so the darker it gets outside. Hosting several restaurants all in a row, the area has a big draw. Places to eat include TGIF Fridays; an Asian restaurant called Fusion; a cafe (VB thinks probably for sheesha - she hasn't been there); and then The Fish Market, which is not as upscale as the one at The Intercon in Abu Dhabi, but very similar. All these restaurants have a wonderful view of the Nile, and as the evening goes on, regardless of weather, a refreshing breeze starts to blow. Below: Scenes from the Corniche.

(Below 4 Photos): A VW Bus mired in traffic.

(Below): Just had to get this - a flatbed truck loaded with fresh eggs, presumably being delivered to one of the restaurants.

(Below 3 Photos): And, going in the opposite direction, clearly a fan of Tweety Bird and No Smoking, another VW Bus. Looks like it might be for sale, too. Interesting windows.

(Below): The traffic cops, doing what they normally try to avoid doing - work (directing traffic.)


Gone West: Balloonist And Restaurant Magnate Rocky Aoki
"To most of the world, Hiroaki "Rocky" Aoki will be known best as the founder of the Benihana chain of Japanese steakhouses... described as "equal parts restaurant, magic show and performance art" by restaurant architect David Rockwell. But Aoki also left his mark on the aviation world, before passing away last week at the age of 69...
In addition to those exploits, Aoki also raced in the original "Cannonball Run" cross-country race, driving a Volkswagen Beetle stretch limo."

Monster tractor stunt causes extensive damage
"The tractor came to rest on top of an early 70s Volkswagen, but not before it tore a path west, causing damage to a pair of vans. The tractor was then guided south over the top of an Oldsmobile and a Ford. It plowed over five cars before it came to rest on the Beetle." (Photo at the link.)

Camper van man week 1: Southend to Skegness

Camper van man week 2: Skegness to John O'Groats

VW Transporter completes UK-India-UK
"Demonstrating Volkswagen’s reputation for durability, quality and appetite for adventurous travels, a Volkswagen Transporter has successfully completed a 27,000 mile trip to the southern tip of India and back." (Read more at the link, or go here for round the world 2007.)

Tired of your VW? Maybe you'd like a Tonke instead.
A giant step for vankind
"Part monster truck, part Little House on the Prairie, Tonke Campers are the creation of Dutch documentary film-maker Maarten Van Soest. Hand-built in the village of Wagenberg in the south of the Netherlands, they combine a traditional wooden caravan with a modern truck. 'Compared with normal campers there's something like beauty involved,' Maarten told us, when we arrived to pick up our Tonke."

Is reading in a moving car bad for your health?

Nine Inch Nails - Ham 'N Eggs (Live at rehearsals)


  1. Grand Cafe! Lovely little snacks and shisha!

  2. abu dhabi/uae daily photo: Thanks. I could not, for the life of me, remember the name of the cafe.