Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Frankfurt Airport and Beyond

How many times has VB passed through Frankfurt Airport watching all the hard working VWs, while sipping her hot latte? Too many. So this time, VB decided to do something about it. But first, she needs to point out the car below, on display at the Duty Free. The Boss Man wants this Mercedes (Mechatronik), and he wouldn't mind the blond sitting next to him, as well.

BTW, every time VB passes through the Frankfurt Airport, they seem to change everything around. It's gotten to be absolutely confusing anywhere outside the Gate B area.

The workhorse of the VW fleet at the Frankfurt Airport, appears to be the T5 aka Eurovan. From Wikipedia: "The fifth generation of the VW Transporter hit the market in Europe late in 2003. It is a direct successor to the T4 in its looks and utility value, unlike the Microbus concept car that VW had been showing around several years prior to the T5's introduction. The Microbus concept was almost produced, but Volkswagen scuttled plans for building it due to cost problems.
The T5 Transporter is not available in the North America in any form. Instead, Volkswagen offers the Volkswagen Routan, a passenger minivan based on Chrysler LLC's Dodge Caravan."

(Below) A VW T5 truck.

The following photos were taken on the way home from The Cairo Airport.
(Below): A VW Bus passing a ginormous truck.

(Below): More of the "Riding On Top" phenomenon.

(Below): Passing a Beetle.

Photos of new VW ads from Brazil: "VOLKSWAGEN TRUCKS. FOR EVERY KIND OF LOAD."
(These are probably going over much better than the new Walmart milk cartons.)

A commentary from the New York Times: Be the Prius
"Motorists can drive smarter in response to high fuel prices." And also, from the same author, Don't Drive Less. Drive Smarter:
"Studies have shown significant increases in fuel economy are achievable simply by changes in driving style (a few things got cut from this piece, by the way, including an obvious one: Cruise control aids MPG — but not cruise control at 70 mph)."

Any NASCAR fans out there? Then Ask A NASCAR Driver, should be for you - again, from the New York Times, Freakonomics Blog. Go ahead, ask Kyle Busch anything you want.

Drive-ins: An American Classic Reborn
"...About 400 drive-ins presently operate in the United States, a surprisingly large number in this age of personalized, on-the-go media, but many people don't even know they exist. Today, the industry is just a glimmer of what it was once. Back in the 1950s, at the height of the drive-in era, there were 4,000 theaters showing first-run films — it was a marriage of two great American passions: automobiles and movies..."There's nothing quite like [the drive-in]," says April Wright, a filmmaker who has traveled the U.S. for her upcoming documentary, Going Attractions: The Rise and Fall of the Drive-In as an American Icon."

Prince Charles' Aston Martin Hybrid Runs On Wine

Auto biography:'76 VW Beetle convertible is Newport couple's pride and joy
(That's Newport, Rhode Island, BTW.)

"NEWPORT It was a case of falling in love in paradise.

When Jo-Ann and Kevin Burns visited Lahaina on Maui, Hawaii, in 1978, she fell in love with the ubiquitous Volkswagen Beetle convertibles that were being used for basic transportation."

Automotive profile: Volkswagen's Heinz Nordhoff
"While working at Opel, he was noticed by Major Ivan Hirst and Colonel Radclyffe of the British Occupational Force that was running Volkswagen after the Second World War.

The pair needed someone to organize the reconstruction of the VW factories that had been ruined during the war.

Appointed VW's managing director on the first day of 1948, Nordhoff flourished because he realized the potential of one little car."

Hot Wheels of fortune
"After 40 years and 4 billion sales, Hot Wheels colectors know it's the little things that count.

Imagine paying $100,000 for a 1969 VW Kombi. And a hot pink one at that. Plus the bloody thing doesn't even start. So you won't be hearing that familiar dak-dak sound echoing through the suburbs. For all that money, the only extras are the two surfboards hanging out the rear."

Camping holidays: Heaven in a VW
"Painted egg-yolk yellow, and with the famous, cheery VW sign on the front, the van certainly looked the part; I was just worried that I might be the one letting the side down. It belonged to Andrew Stefanczyk, and is one of several that he rents out from his base in Hertfordshire. He acquired his first van last year, when his teenage son bought a wreck via eBay, and Stefanczyk saw the potential in doing up old vans to hire them out to fair-weather hippie chicks and sometimes-surfer dudes."

(A bit of satire here.)
New Book Uncovers Startling Evidence that Adolf Hitler was a Practicing Hippy
"When he was not ordering stormtroopers into Germany's neighbouring countries, Adolf Hitler would relax with a large bong and strum on his ukelele.

The dictator would often break from the serious nature of waging his campaign to "paint flowers on his VW Camper van" before driving it around the Bavarian countryside with his entourage of free-spirited fellow "magic mushroom munching hippies".

Warning: Explicit Language
George Carlin Airport Security


  1. Hahahah - 'carrot top, Martha Stewart & Florence Henderson...."

  2. lynda: There are certainly parts of this show, that might offend some people, but George Carlin, always went against the grain. Yeah, Martha Stewart, huh! Well, rumor had it, she was picked for prosecution, because she's a staunch L-i-B-E-R-A-L., ie, Democrat. But, what surprised me more than anything, was letting my kids watch him as the "Conductor" of Thomas The Tank Engine Shows (after Ringo, that is)! He's alright in my book - God Bless his soul.