Monday, June 30, 2008

Smoking, Drinking, Tackiness, And A Short Lesson In Spelling

Smoking or...
How To Ruin A Cuban Cigar Box

Plaster a creepy photo of some dude on oxygen along with a warning about the evils of smoking (just wait until Fidel gets a load of this!) and you too can ruin a completely nice cigar box, plus scare the willies out of anyone who sees it. BTW, these alarming photos are not included in the warnings on cartons or packs of cigarettes - yet. What gives? VB's guess was that most people in Egypt smoke cigarettes (Cleopatras), and the government must have given up on trying to scare them (short of beating or shooting them), so why not just waste money on scaring rich folks who smoke Cubans instead. What a waste (time, money, resources....) Well, not exactly - see the article below for more.

A lot of people who buy Cubans, are probably going to be more annoyed by the fact that their wonderful cigar boxes, they use to store small, intimate objects (like we do), have been debased by a macabre photo.

Stark warnings: Egypt's fledgling anti-smoking campaign comes on strong
"Starting Aug. 1, cigarette labels in Egypt will be required to carry images of the effects of smoking: a dying man in an oxygen mask, a coughing child and a limp cigarette symbolizing impotence.

The photo of the limp cigarette comes with the warning that "long-term smoking has an effect on marital relations" — somewhat coyer than a version the European Union has recommended for its member countries, which states directly that smoking causes impotence and shows a discontented young married couple sitting apart in bed."

(VB could say more on this, but she thinks most people will scoff at this example too - the decline of the family can be directly related to cigarette smoking? Gee, and as an American, VB thought it was all due to gay marriage. Silly girl.)

"A month ago, the country's new tobacco control department was launched, though it consists of only two people in a closet-sized office with no telephones and an annual budget of just $12,500."

"Some Egyptians are convinced only light cigarettes lead to impotence. Earlier this year, the state-owned manufacturer, Eastern Tobacco Company, voluntarily put pictures of diseased lungs on some packs — but smokers just figured those packs were the ones that were harmful and switched to others, which some shopowners promptly started selling at a higher price.

"I've been smoking since I was 8 years old — I used to pick up cigarette butts from the gutter and smoke them," laughed Hussein Hassan Mahmoud, a wizened 60-year-old butcher with one eye clouded from cataracts, sitting outside his Cairo shop enjoying a cigarette.

Mahmoud goes through three or four packs of the local Cleopatra cigarettes a day, at about 50 cents a pack, and he scoffed when shown the new warnings. "People will just tear the labels off."

"I Drink Your Milkshake! I Drink It Up!"
(And VB's not too happy about it either.)
Below two photos:

Ain't nothin' like payin' to drink bottled contaminated water, when you can get super chlorinated water for free, right out of the tap! (And VB thought the taste of super fluoridated Ohio River water was bad!)

A couple of months ago, we instructed Awesome Daughter, who is back in the States, to throw out all bottles with the #7 in the recycling triangle. Some municipalities are now trying to outlaw the use of this #7 plastic. VB waited, thinking maybe Egypt would follow through, but no.... We are still receiving Nestle bottled water in #7 jugs. Mind you, the smaller bottles are not #7, just the ones everyone buys to outfit their water coolers.

From The Green Guide - "#7 Polycarbonate contains the hormone disruptor bisphenol-A, which can leach out as bottles age, are heated or exposed to acidic solutions. Unfortunately, #7 is used in most baby bottles and five-gallon water jugs and in many reusable sports bottles."

1. How to recognize the real thing. "Bisphenol-A is found in clear, hard, shatterproof plastics. Often, the letters PC (for polycarbonate) and/or the number 7 will be stamped in the little recycling triangle on or near the bottom of the container. But not every plastic stamped with a 7 contains BPAs; your biggest clue is to look for hard, see-through, unbreakable things."

(Hmm, you mean like that big plasic piece of shit VB has in her kitchen, and posted below?)

"Disposable soft-drink and water bottles, and liquid medicine containers (like cough syrup bottles), are not polycarbonate and do not contain BPA. So, while everyone is rightly having a fit about disposable bottles for environmental reasons, it's only the rigid, refillable kind that you need to worry about for health reasons. Make it easy, and remember the numbers: Only drink from those with numbers 4 and 2 in their triangles, or if need be, 5 and 1. In our opinion, don't buy any with 3, 6 or 7 (not just for BPA reasons)."

(Oh, don't forget straws people. We consumers, [and the oil companies] can have our milkshake, and drink it too. ----

Why the Oil Industry Benefits from Bottled Water Sales

(Yum - and, oh so tasty!)

Just Plain Tacky

To my neighbors, and townsfolk in Connecticut:
How tacky can you possibly be naming a street, Wisteria Lane? Are you daydreaming, wishfully thinking, or what? Have you been watching too much TV, and entranced by Nicollette Sheridan's decolletage? What were you thinking!
Do you all need a good hard smack upside the head?

A Short Lesson In Spelling

Finally, for those of you still learning how to spell, fuck is spelled F-U-C-K! (VB may be a bad speller, but she knows this one for sure.)
Even though, VB thinks we all got the message, what is LFC? (VB hopes it's not the florist down the road.)

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