Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Road Trips, Road Food, and TV #2

Gino, Gino, Ginoooo! Gino D'Acampo! Fantastico!

Gino's show, An Italian Returns To Mexico, just finished it's play here on the BBC Food Channel a little over a week ago. It might have been a re-run (seems like everything here is). Gino crisscrosses Mexico in a brilliant red VW Beetle. He cooks, and has one of those smooth Italiano accents. He's young, good looking, and apparently likes Mexico. The food he cooks looks simple, appetizing, and in some instances, appears to be easily prepared outdoors. VB says "appears" as most of these traveling chefs have a trailer loaded with equipment trailing them. Although VB has not seen the full series, she was quite impressed with Gino's transportation.

VB found Gino, when she was down with a bad, bad cold a while back. And, while, watching TV is one of VB's favorite past times, it's hard to get all worked up about food, when all you've been able to eat (er, drink) is homemade chicken soup. Food shows are basically eye candy. VB would rather watch someone like Nigella cook all that fatty stuff, think about how delicious it is, and not have to deal with the consequences. That said, it has been reported that, Nigella probably couldn't fit her, "butt like a Budweiser horse" into a VW Beetle these days. VB's guess is: Nigella, will not be doing a road trip or road food show anytime soon. But, Gino is pretty much fun to watch (and yes, his little Italian ass fits quite nicely into that Beetle.)

Here's Gino D'acampo's website for more information.

Unfortunately, VB is not an expert at taking photos of TV shows. She did include a UKTV photo, with Gino and his Bug.

(Below): Photo from UKTV

What does Gino have to say about this? From In the glovebox - Gino D'Acampo

Worst driving experience?
Gino D'Acampo: It was when I was filming for my show 'An Italian in Mexico', three years ago, and I was with my best friend Marco in Mexico City. We were driving a bright red beetle but it had no air-con. It was 50 degrees plus and we just got totally stuck in traffic!

(The following article hogged up all the news outlets about VW Beetles and Bugs this week. So, Billy Joel bought a Beetle - woop-de-doo!)
Instead of Piano Man, how about Beetle Billy?
"Billy Joel now is the owner of a classic Volkswagen Bug. In Des Moines, Iowa, for a concert, Joel took a look around American Dream Machines, which specializes in vintage sports and muscle cars. The owner said Joel spotted a burgundy 1973 VW Beetle, adding that he thought Joel might have been attracted by the car's year. "He did mention that in 1973 he did the 'Piano Man,' " he said, referring to one of Joel's biggest hits. The owner wouldn't disclose what Joel paid but said, "It was the least expensive car in the shop."

(South Africa)
Volkswagen tells another moving story on the big screen with CineMARK
"Well, the latest Volkswagen Corporate ad is no exception. The ad, in which we see an old blind man being helped by a young Volkswagen driver through a long and eventful journey to find his son, reaffirms all the brand values of honesty, charm, integrity and most of all, people-centric compassion."

East Ridge: VW bugs get under your skin
"For many of those attending Bug-a-Pal├╝za X, the 10th annual gathering of Volkswagen enthusiasts, having a VW offers membership in what is more like a tribe than a car club."

(Max is back)
VW Goes Old School
"The new advertising campaign began in stealth earlier this month, with black and white images of Max in newspapers, lacking company logo or name. The slogans all began with: “The people want…” The theme turns on the idea that the people’s car has become the voice of the people. And the values that people want, the campaign suggests, are green and populist."

(Photo and video at the link - it gets ugly!)
Yale art installation gets heat by New Haven Fire Department
"But every art has a critic. And, in this case, the New Haven Fire Department, who deemed a sawed-off VW Bug sitting on scaffolding, a safety hazard. So, what went up had to come down. "It's just really sad, this project brought so many people together," Mira Manickam said."

(She's kidding, right? Like driving an old VW isn't the symbol of C-O-O-L.)
What would Freud drive?
"I felt like I found a kindred spirit in whoever owned that orange Beetle, that there exists someone else in this great land of ours who rejects the albatross of suburban conformity, shrugs off the expectations of Jones and his ilk, refuses to gratify the ego by stroking the id."

(Remember Tattoo boy from last week? Well he's back too.)
Volkswagen fan Chris has beetles on his back
"A VW fanatic has turned himself into a "walking billboard"
for the cult car-maker - with camper vans and Beetles tattooed over his back and arms....
He has spent about £3,000 on the tattoos....
He is also planning more tattoos - including a new logo revealed recently by VW in Germany - and a pair of VW-branded wasps on his bottom.
His current collection of tattoos includes the number plates of all the VWs he has owned set in hearts, and the front of a giant winged Beetle between his shoulder blades.
He is now keen to get the back of the vehicle tattooed across his chest."

I had two different videos picked out for this week, but both were "Embedding disabled by request," which is totally frustrating! So, thanks to Awesome Daughter for the advice on this week's video.
(Do you like Spaghetti? Or a food fight?)
No Doubt - Sunday Morning

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