Monday, April 21, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Road Trips, Road Food, and TV #1

The Caravelle:

(VB knows it's not Wednesday.)

As usual, VB watches TV, so you don't have to.

This is the first in a series of posts on Road Trips, Road Food, and TV. VB will not only discuss VW's, but related TV shows, including cooking (since the word "food" is in the title) and as long as she can string along some sort of insignificant connection, VB will cover it. As a grand finale, VB will unveil her most recent electronic purchase, which almost puts the Apple TV to shame!

Check out the videos, comparing a California (actually a camped up Caravelle) to a new version of the old VW Camper, which will blow your mind (or well maybe just, sort of, impress you).

(Below): VW Caravelle.
This Caravelle is just a basic Transporter, not a camper van. You don't really need a camper van for road trips, or for camping out either. Check out the last photo and link, to learn how you can turn your car into a camper too.

If you don't have a camper van, with the pop up roof top, then you can get the Maggiolina roof top tent, as shown below on the Galloper (what a POS! We had the pleasure of riding in one several times, while we were in Baku. They were de rigueur for a certain oil company.)

The Maggiolina pops up for sleeping, resembles the pop top of a VW Bus, and comes in several sizes. These are fairly common here in Cairo, where many Westerners prefer 4WD vehicles, for their off road capabilities (which even includes some of the city roads), besides the fact, a car that big coming at you (say in a VW Bug) will definitely make you yield! Unless you're confronting the common blue and white city bus, where the drivers count their money, and pick their toes while driving. Then everyone yields!

(Below): The first half of a review / contest, by Fifth Gear, between the VW California (based on the Caravelle) and a VW Danbury Rio, which is a snazzy new version of the old time VW Bus. Part 2 is just below the first video.

You'll see why The Boss Man and VB did not choose a "full camper" (Vanagon with a cooker): (1) You can set your sleeping quarters on fire; and (2) No one wants to sleep encapsulated in stagnant, smoky, foul food smelling air.

Fifth Gear - VW California vs VW Danbury Rio Test [1/2]

(Below): Part two of Fifth Gear's evaluation.

Fifth Gear - VW California vs VW Danbury Rio Test [2/2]

More information and photos, from the Fifth Gear folks, regarding the VW California, and here at, Danbury Rio vs VW California.

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