Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In The Hood - Opel

From this post, another one of VB's neighbor's cars, in his collection. This, a 1930's Opel, on the left, is in the process of repair. He's got one more very nice car, which VB will post on later. Consider this Part 2.


Herbie goes commercial: VW to feature talking Bug in new ads

"Volkswagen of America needs a boost. Once a top brand among young car buyers, the company is now ranked 18th in U.S. sales and has experienced a 32 percent decline over the past five years. So what will rescue the automaker's fortunes -- lower prices, better quality, a hot new sport coupe? How about a talking 1964 Beetle? Who needs KITT when there's Max, VW's latest and greatest ad spokesman."

From jalopnik, One-Off Steam-Powered VW Kit Car
"When we hear "steam car" we imagine a car with wooden wagon wheels that spends it's time in Jay Leno's garage. What we don't think of is a fiberglass-bodied VW kit car from the '80s."

License and registration … stop laughing
"Garner has spent as much as $2,000 of his own money giving a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle, seized in a DUI case, a new life as a department cruiser, if that term can be used loosely.

It's probably just as well. It's hard to know how useful the Bug would be as a pursuit vehicle, with its 1,600-cc, air-cooled engine, four-speed transmission and top-end speed of about 70 mph.

Indeed, one person told Garner that "if you pulled me over I'd be too embarrassed to stop."

(More and photos at the link.)

"Cory Virtue loves his fully restored '75 VW." Go here and click on the link labeled: Gallery: Cory Virtue's '75 VW roadster, to see the photogallery. Sorry, but it's the best VB could do.

Walking the walk, back to family value

"Asda's new fashion chief aims to take its label to the top and beat Tesco, Primark and M&S in the process....

Anthony Thompson bustles into an office in Carnaby Street with a bag and a nylon bomber jacket. He does not look like a big cheese in the fashion business, but he has the job of revitalising the big, but rather tired, George fashion brand for Asda.

Unlike most of the big beasts of retail, who tend towards sport and swank for their fun, Thompson likes old cars, old books, art and sculpture. The cars in the Thompson family fleet are not old E-types and Alfas, but a 1965 VW camper van and a 1967 VW Beetle. The camper, he declares, is "brilliant"....

He has his contradictions. He is running a mass-market, value-clothing label and claims he loves wearing his George kit, but is also a fan of the cool German Oska brand because it is "wonderfully produced" with "a purity of design". And while he is working for Asda, owned by the world's biggest retailer, Wal-Mart, he reckons the retail world has become bland and boring. "We need to have a point of view, not to try to second guess each other."

VB's question: "Why?" Check out the video below (no, it does not answer the question, but does provoke it.)
Soundwagon 'record player' takes the groove less traveled

Some people might not know this, but most VW Bus owners do.
Ten Things You Never Knew About Teri Hatcher
"8. Teri just loves her nipples but she isn't so keen on her posterior. She says: "It hangs a little too long. God forbid what it will look like when I'm older. It will probably be dragging along on the ground behind me!" (Ookaay - this VB did not know.)

9. Teri sued the Daily Sport in 2005 after a story called “Telly Teri’s Romps in Van” alleged that she was getting down and dirty in a VW camper van outside her house."

Covergirl Kate turns cabbie for pals with cool new set of wheels
"Kate Moss has acquired a new set of wheels with some serious street cred - a black London taxi cab....

Owning cool transportation has always been a matter of pride for the famous cover girl. Her rides in the past have included an MG Midget and a sleek 1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Last year she turned up at the Glastonbury music festival with former love Pete Doherty in an impeccably appropriate VW camper van."

Just makes you wanna cry! Check out the photo and more of the tale, at the link.
VW Van Catches Fire In Lamoine
"On arrival, the 1977 Volkswagen van was fully engulfed in flames.

The driver, Deborah DeForest, said she had stopped along the road to speak with a neighbor when the van stalled. The neighbor noticed that it caught fire, and the driver quickly exited the vehicle without injury."

VB would like to thank The Boss Man for the little gift he brought back to her from the States. It's called "A COLD!"
She has never sneezed as much in her whole, entire lifetime (that's right "whole, entire"), as she did yesterday. She now has shaken brain syndrome (it's still there, but perhaps not exactly in the right place.)

Here comes my baby - The Mavericks

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