Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Double Cab

(Below) Three photos of a pre-1986 Doublecab found in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, at a construction site (another new apartment building).

According to Volkswagens of the World, by Simon Glen:

"The LT or Type 28 was introduced for the 1976 model year in August 1975, and is still made in the VW factory at Hanover near the "Transporter" high tech production line."

"The LT was available as a panel van, a kombi van with windows, a microbus with seats, a single cab truck, a double cab truck and a chassis and front scuttle only for bus bodies to be built onto."

"For the 1986 model year LTs were given a revised front grille with square headlights."

"The LT range has only really been sold in Europe, with a few marketed in the Middle-East. However, the LTs are still in production at a rate of well over 55,000 per annum, so there is no doubt that they are highly successful, reliable and safe light trucks."


Abandoned VW Beetles are pulled from canyon

(Check out the link for photos and a video too.)

"On Tuesday, the charred and rusted shells of nine VW Beetles were extracted from the western part of the canyon by Haddick's Tow of Industry, under the supervision of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority state rangers."

"There's a lot of dumping out in the canyon, but to have this many cars, and all the same make, is very unusual," said Kenn Hughes, deputy chief ranger."

Pimp my ride
"Maggi is taking a different path with his car, investing a self-estimated $10,000 from his parents and personal savings to fix up his VW Bug, not to mention countless hours of working and fixing."

The 100 most beautiful cars of all time: Beauties and beasts

Prankster puts famous Bug up for sale

"Found: One VW Beetle with number 53 logo. Appeared in 1968 Walt Disney film The Love Bug. Sound intriguing? That's the effect Los Angeles prankster Rory Emerald hopes to achieve with carefully crafted missives, crystallized in titillating classified ads."

Motorclássico 2008: Classics in Lisbon

"The 70th anniversary of the Volkswagen Beetle will be celebrated, with a display entitled ‘VW Beetle – 70 years, 70 cars’; and Bugatti will be another theme of Motorclássico, with an array of classic Bugattis worth several million euros. There will also be a feature called ‘The Dream 50cc’, dedicated to sporty classic motorcycles with 50cc engines.

For more details see"

Madeleine McCann suspect's fury at finding GPS tracker

"British expat Murat, 33, found the GPS bug when he was fixing a fault on his VW Transporter."

Catch the Manning experience at Humphrey's 2 Lanes

"Dave is touring Western North America in his 1965 VW Microbus. And yes, he is looking for VW parts. Dave quit his day-job and committed to a year on the road, making a living playing music. That was three years ago, and he's still out there living the dream. Dave Manning has songs to sing and stories to tell from his years on the road. Dave is gearing up to be the next folk legend right behind the likes of Ramblin' Jack, Guy Clark, and of course Arlo Guthrie (who autographed his microbus.)

Dave tours in “Vincent” his '65 Microbus. In a time when the traveling storyteller and songwriter have long been replaced by television and Karaoke, Dave is still out there with the last of them. Cruising at a lazy 50mph and playing in a different town every few days, Dave isn't afraid of “paying his dues.” His bus is full of stories of the road from Alaska to the high deserts of Nevada, and Arizona and everywhere between."

VW Camper Van egg cups

Series Of Dreams - Bob Dylan

"Like in a dream, when someone wakes up and screams" (VB's dreams this past week - can't sleep, can't blog. Thus the later than usual post. Please accept VB's apologies.)

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