Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weekend News Round-Up

Weekend News Round-Up is back, and a bit smaller than usual right now. VB has links to two interesting articles about Cairo. The Internet here seems to be getting better - Inshallah. So, VB will try to get a couple of Funkengroovin posts together this week.

Below, a photo of an electrical pole, near VB's apartment, on fire, the other night. She was sure that she was going to lose electricity (the electrical box across the street was popping), but the authorities were able to put it out before any major damage was done. As usual, a policeman crept up behind VB to say, "no pictures." Yeah, we all know how dangerous it could be if photos of an electrical pole on fire got out to the public.

36 Hours in Cairo
Cairo is third world and first world, Islamic world and pharaonic world, a teeming city that jars all the senses, all at once.

The Egyptian government and nonprofit groups are stepping up efforts to help street children.

For all you Funkengroovin Deadheads (VB knows, she said she wouldn't combine Funkengroovin with politics, but this isn't Funkengroovin Wednesday - it's the Weekend Round-Up, that's different):

Dead to hold concert for Obama
Three surviving members of the Grateful Dead - Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir - will reunite at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Warfield in San Francisco for "Deadheads for Obama," a concert to support Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.
Tickets for $35 sold out almost immediately after the show was announced on Friday afternoon, but those who missed out can view a live simulcast at

Puppy Lotus, encounters the feral cats. More on the cat situation later.


  1. This is another Egyptian X-file, why most of the electrical boxes in Cairo and Giza are open !!??

  2. Ahh, I don't know about that, but a gaggle of guys were in the neighborhood yesterday checking them all out - and, of course, turning the area electricity on and off all morning!