Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Sucks!

The Internet is working so slow it's like watching paint dry. Ugh, this happened the same day VB arrived back in Cairo (yesterday.) VB will try to make amends ASAP, with a double header Funkengroovin Wednesday, if need be. For now, here's the lowdown:

Internet outage hits business from Cairo to Colombo

"CAIRO (AFP) — Damage to undersea Internet cables hit business across the Middle East and South Asia on Thursday, including the vital call centre industry, prompting appeals for people to limit their surfing.
Around 70 percent of Internet users in Egypt were affected when two submarine cables in the Mediterranean Sea were damaged on Wednesday, also rupturing connections thousands of kilometres (miles) away."

And, if that ain't bad enough, for those of you trying not to get foreclosed on, or calling a service center for help:

"In India, the Internet-dependent outsourcing industry was severely disrupted, with businesses saying it may take up to 15 days to return to normal.
"Information-technology companies, software companies and call centres that provide online services to the UK or the US East Coast are the worst affected," said Rajesh Chharia, president of the Internet Service Providers' Association of India.
India's 11 billion dollar outsourcing industry employs 700,000 people working for companies that deliver services ranging from answering customer queries to analysing equity markets for global clients."

I would love to add the video of Sen. Ted Stevens describing how the Internet is a series of tubes, but that's a total no go right now.

Again, THIS SUCKS!!!!!


  1. This is what I call bad return to come back to Cairo ,it sucks , it is so slow , even slower than 56 KB Fax modems days :(

  2. sorry I mean bad timing to return back to Cairo , sorry again :)
    and welcome back

  3. zeinobia: Tell me about it - totally bad timing.

  4. That was a rough landing. I actually felt quite bereft. I have quickly become used to my friends in Australian being about to call me in the mornings through Skype.. and suddnely I was REALLY overseas again.

    Anyway.. welcome home!

  5. PS.. I watched the democratic debate this morning... interesting, they are both masters with 'words'. The first 90 second 'free' speech was spectacular with each managing to say the words 'I am going to be the next president' without actually saying the words... sort of like subliminal advertising. Loved it.

  6. Hi VB! Hey, I mentioned you on my blog like I promised. Sorry you broke the Internet over there. Ours is working fine. Please don't touch our computers, OK?

  7. lynda: Thanks. BTW, we moved on from Skype to Vonage, also Internet based, and have had the same problem. Glad you liked the debate - a bit more civil than the previous one. I woke up around 2:45 AM the other night to watch it - jet lag.

    Bob: Thanks. Hahaha - just don't come over to the Middle East or S. Asia any time soon, and your computer should work fine. In addition to the Internet disruptions, Google decided to make my dashboard all Arabic when I signed it two days ago. That took some time to fix!