Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Confusion Reigns Supreme

We found this bus at the Nasr City Car Market. The owners weren't around to provide information, so Vagabondblogger has tried to figure out, on her own, what exactly this is.

I posted photos on flickr, and the VW groups where I have a membership (that would be just about all of them.) Photos were posted on: VW Bugs & Buses Pool, the Aircooled Pool, VW Buses Pool, Volkswagen Beetles/ALL VW's Pool, European Vans Pool, the VW Bus Lover Pool. Two of the photos were viewed 15 and 17 times (not so much really, compared to other VW photos I've posted in the past.) No one commented.

The rear lights indicate it's made sometime after 1972.

It has 4 windows on the passenger side, and five on the driver's. One windshield and then one rear window. The doors are separated by a brace and open in the same direction, as opposed to double doors that open out to one large entrance, which some refer to as "barn doors." The vents are on the lower body. I've looked up S. African, Brazilian and Nigerian buses to no avail.

Vagabondblogger is wondering if this bus has modified side doors. That would make sense, except for the odd number of windows on each side of the bus.

If anyone knows what bus this is, please share it with the rest of us. Vagabondblogger is truly stumped.

A video of:
My Project is VW Bus T1, just recorded this past week. I'll be checking back up on him to track his progress. Good luck to the guy.

A blog with a few nice Bus photos. Check out his archives for more.

Cool idea for a party:
RedsDirt Blog made a VW Bus and a cake for a 60's theme birthday party.

Totally cool new VW 1 litre car - photos and blogpost here.

From Motor Trend Magazine:
Day One: My Frankfurt top three

1) Best Concept: Volkswagen Up! In complete contrast to many of the overwrought concepts in the Messe halls, all contorted surfaces, bug-eye headlights, and glittering "jewelry", the tiny, rear-engined VW city car is as smooth and white, and as simple and appealing, as an iPod. This is the car as product design; a modern take on a VW aesthetic that in the past has delivered iconic, timeless cars such as the original Beetle and the Mark I Golf.

Van show is best yet, and not one freaking photo!

MORE than 8,000 VW camper vans and their owners gathered in Malvern at the weekend for the largest show of its type in the world.

The Three Counties Showground was the venue for Vanfest, an annual event for enthusiasts of the iconic vehicle.

Europe Budget Tour

And so we did; and, after a false start or two, it proved remarkably easy. We bought the van sight unseen over the internet from a 300 lb, dope-smoking, ex-patriot American hippy in Utrecht, who operated out of a 300 year old townhouse filled with bad artwork, dogs and cats, and the strong smell of marijuana and cat pee. After her chief mechanic, a jolly and affable Turk, tried to spike my coffee with vodka at 9:00am on the morning of our arrival, I turned to Red and whispered, “Holey Moley! Hope we didn’t buy a pig in a poke! Hope we don’t get burned on this damn van!”

But the hippy and her staff proved as honest as the day is long, and the ‘86 VW ran sweet and true for the eight weeks we owned it.

VW 'Nazi' Subpoena Points Up YouTube Privacy Risks

Volkswagen has filed a subpoena seeking the identity of a YouTube user who posted a Nazi-themed parody of a recent VW Golf commercial. Volkswagen's move underscores the privacy risks to a blossoming community of users on sites like YouTube and Yahoo Video, and social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

Men at work: Land down under!!!!


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7WBqtESSek

    This one's for you VB. If you look on youtube there are a few other nice VW South African adverts. As I've said before my favourite is Gus the Volksie Bus.

  2. That's a really cool video. I sent it on to the family. Number One Son has taken possession of our van, so it's quite appropriate. Thanks.

  3. Those old cars have been metamorphosed through time to reach this current unique shape. Egyptian mechanics come up with all sorts of inventions.

  4. Om: Yeah - we've seen A LOT of that on the Beetles, and it does look as if the piece between the two doors is NOT part of the original body.

    On the other hand, there were versions made in other countries, which had a variety of different options, not seen elsewhere. We just thought it was very odd, but we're not experts here either.

    Your guess is as good as mine, or anyone else's for that matter. I only wish the owners had been around, then we wouldn't be playing this guessing game to begin with.