Thursday, July 26, 2007

In Memoriam

Spirit In The Sky 

Beware: This is not a poem!!!!

I miss Doggie sitting in the kitchen, staring intently,

slobbering while I cook dinner
I miss Doggie's look of appreciation for a dinner she loved,
and making the kitchen floor sloppy as all hell
I miss tripping over Doggie in the kitchen when she lays
down in the most inconvenient spot
I miss Doggie stealing a guest's chair at the table,
while they got seconds from the kitchen
I miss Doggie's howls
when the elevator in Baku took too long
I miss Doggie pissing in the elevator in Baku,
just before the biggest snob stepped inside
I miss Doggie talking to me, howling, yowling
and letting me know her thoughts
I miss Doggie spooning with me, jumping on the bed,
cold nose to nose with me, and then relaxing together
I miss Doggie sticking her tongue in Boss Man's mouth
when she thought she was hot, and I was not
I miss Doggie following me around, endlessly,
room to room as if I'd suddenly disappear
I miss Doggie annoying the fuck out of me
at all hours, because she was getting old
and needed to piss
I miss Doggie's smiles when she was happy, I regret seeing
her sad looks when she saw me leaving with packed bags
I miss Doggie running, skidding onto a carpet,
or on the bed, rolling around,
rollicking in joy, and barking - woof, woof!
I miss everything there is about Doggie,
her smell, soft hair, and bad breath
I just miss my Doggie

We went to visit Doggie's grave on Saturday. We preferred that she be cremated so we could do as we please with her ashes. That's not an option here. Here's pics of Doggie's grave. I suspect, because they have two sites, separated by a central park, that the females and males are in segregated areas (that's just a guess). Each site has a plant, to represent life's rebirth after death (I'm not happy with the spiky plant. I would've chosen something a bit more feminine - like a small hibiscus tree, a rose bush, something with flowers.) Given the fact that we didn't have any choice, I have to live with it. At least here, she has company.

Thirteen and a half years ago, our daughter was attending a once a week "non-sectarian" Bible Study group, after school. Since Boss Man is a fallen away Catholic, and I'm a disgruntled Greek Orthodox, when our neighbor approached us about Bible Studies (non-sectarian,) we thought it was a "good thing."  We had hoped that our daughter would learn
about the Bible, and not be preached to.

In 1994, our Number One Doggie passed away. Awesome Daughter, who was nine at the time, sadly went to Bible Studies.

The teacher asked her, "What's wrong Awesome Daughter? Why are you so down in the dumps?"

Awesome Daughter told her about how Number One Doggie died, but how she was okay with it, since Doggie was in heaven.

Teacher said, "Dogs don't go to heaven. Who told you that!"

Oh, gee, let me guess who told her that - maybe her parents who were trying to ease the pain from the loss of a dog; a dog that helped both children learn how to walk; helped both kids learn how to fight for food (like by grabbing it right out of his mouth, and then back into theirs); and helped two kids learn what loving and caring is. That incident turned Awesome Daughter away from religion, a religion that professes love for every living creature:

Genesis 9:8-9. Then God said to Noah and to his sons with him: "I now establish my covenant with you and your descendants after you and with every living creature that was with you - the birds, the livestock, and all the wild animals, all those that came out of the ark with you - every living Creature on the earth."

Genesis 9:12-13. And God said, "This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

Ohh, and I would like to thank the thoughtless bitch, by dedicating a video to both Number One Doggie and most recently deceased Vagabondblogger Doggie. There is nothing for me to say, that would describe my feelings towards the heartless depiction of religion this bitch displayed that day to my daughter. 

Now a video, dedicated to them all - not just to the Vagabondblogger Doggies, but to all creatures of the earth, great and small:

Gareth Gates and the Kumars, Spirit in the sky


  1. I had a cat that went missing a couple years ago and within a week of posting the flyers, we found he had been hit by car and died. When I finally talked to the kind soul who witnessed the accident and took him, along with her grandaughter to a 24 hour animal hospital late at night,simply because she couldn't leave him on the road for me to find. I don't think I've ever been so distraught over an animal passing, despite countless cats, dogs, fish, and gerbils. My husband (a bit of a skeptic) and I both heard that little cat after he passed away. As I closed the bedroom window that first night (his regular gateway to the outside world), I felt horrible for not leaving it open to him. I lowered the blinds and got into bed. My husband and I sat there and listened to the sound of him climb up behind the blinds and move around, just like he did on every other cool evening that I closed the window. My husband heard him the bathroom while he showered, and I heard him on multiple occasions after that.
    My neighbours, whom he was particularly fond of, actually saw him. I don't know where animals go when they pass, but I suspect it's never too far from their owners.

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  3. Neighbors said they saw my mom wandering around our house after she passed away.

    Sometimes I keep thinking I see our dog in certain parts of the house, but I think it's just my memory playing games with me. She lived a pretty good life. If she is nearby, she's probably pissed, because I've started feeding the feral cat some of her leftover dog food.

  4. I know that same feeling...that movement in the corner, was it him? I walked into the bathroom one day and noticed the toilet brush was swaying back and forth on the side of the tank, as if someone/something had knocked it. I think I spent 5 minutes trying to recreate it, hoping to find a rational explanation. Perhaps it is our eyes or perhaps it just is what it is.