Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Pimp My Ride

Here's a 1971 Beetle that's been "pimped out" by the young man who owns it. He found most of his supplies at Arabcom Car Styling, and did most of the work himself. I tried to take pretty comprehensive photos, so each picture should speak for itself. There's some color compromise, as I took the photos at night, and for some reason, I keep encountering distortions (especially with the flash). 

This may not exactly be the "
Pimp My Ride" result produced by MTV, but it is a pretty damn thorough Bug re-do, involving a new engine, ricaro style seats by simota, xenon lights, custom speakers and wheels. 

Even though Pimp My Ride is setting up shop amongst the riches of Dubai, they would be much more appreciated in here Cairo, from what I've seen. Granted they can rake in big bucks down there, from the Emiratis who have loads of money to throw away, but here in Cairo, are the true car lovers and preservers (bastardizers, pimps, and tricksters). Take no offense at those terms, because the guys here have truly made over their VW's to the point where you can't tell what year the car was released. They do what they can, with what they have on hand, and we should all give them kudos!

Pimp My Ride, Cairo! That has a nice sound to it. Now if only we could convince them to come.

Sting feat. Cheb Mami - Desert Rose (Original)

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