Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday

I've decided to designate Wednesdays as the day I post new VW photos for the week - "Funkengroovin Wednesday". I might even change my tags too. Who knows. Anything's possible around here. I should add that it's a hit and miss thing. Sometimes I get lucky and have a load of VW photos and then other times I'll walk around and - nothing.

I have a habit of uploading my photos on to flickr the day I take them, but some of the readers are in countries where flickr is actually blocked (the U.A.E., for example) I just read about this recently, even though it's been going on for a couple of years. I know - I'm slow. (You wouldn't be the first to accuse me of being a little dense.)

I enjoy catching VW's on the streets of Cairo. The streets around Maadi are beautiful, and I am amazed at how many VWs are still thumping along, after all these years. Just seeing these makes me think about how frugal we can be, when we're forced to economize. I admire all of these VW owners, even though the vehicles may look run down, the owners are relentless at salvaging every bit of energy left in them.

My hat's off to the VW owners of Cairo!

So here's this week's batch:

Maadi School Bus
Check out the enlarged page size photos (click on the photo) and you can actually see the little heads and imagine them bobbing away on their way home from school. This is when I wish I still had my D70 which is broken. There is a VW school van I once spotted carrying little boys, with the sliding door open, legs hanging out and a chaotic, noisy scene inside. I didn't have my camera with me that day and learned my lesson - always take your camera with you. Now I know what time they come around too, so that helps. (Yeah, I looked at my watch after I took the photo.)

Blue Van Back:

Blue Van Front

Two Bugs:

I tried to get a photo of both beetles from the front of the white one (in the background), but the boab (doorman / watchman) at the Metro overpass walkway (ramp in the background), started yelling and made a slitting of the throat sign yelling "la,la,la!" (no,no,no!). I said okay and walked away, knowing, I already had a photo of his precious little bug. I will admit, I've encountered overly protective doormen and then police (anchored on just about every corner) who couldn't give a shit. I usually ignore them, because they have no idea when you've actually clicked to take a photo, but with the slitting of the throat motion I gathered he was extremely angry - more so than the normal boab, who just flails around (usually after I've already taken the photo.) One day, I will show my boab photos too - some of them love having their photos taken.

Camper Van:

I was actually taking a photo of the villa. It's literally covered with greenery and I hadn't even noticed the van parked outside.

Nice Bug:

Caught this guy as I was leaving a chinese restaurant. Told him I thought his car was nice and could I take a photo. He said, "yeah."

Brasilia, Beetle and one major ass:
As I was taking this picture, you can see the young man on the cell phone (left photo) was not that close to the cars. As I tried to get a close up of the Brasilia, per Boss Man's request, the young man turned into an asshole and decided he needed to be in the photo shot and started backing up (right photo.) What an ass! He could've at least posed with it.

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