Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Looking Is Free

Vagabondblogger and Son went to the Khan today. We were suddenly suprised to find out that, "looking is free! looking is free! No charge for looking!"

Well, Alhamdulillah - Thanks to God- because I always thought there was a charge for looking (at least that's what I always tell Vagabondblogger Boss Man.)

And when asked, "Where are you from? Canada?"

"No. The U.S."

"Oh U.S! Howdy!" (Is Borat here somewhere? He must be hiding.)

"Where in U.S? My seester lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!"


"Oh, Conneticut very good area." (Thumbs up.)

Here comes the onslaught, from all directions, of New York and many other State topics which end up being a muddled mess of simultaneous confusing conversations. And then one guy asks Number 1 Son, "Are you Egyptian? Look our skin is the same."

"No American. Greek American." (Yeah, we're the badasses that lost to the Persians - and they're the ones in a huff? Good thing Number 1 Son didn't have any imperfections at birth, or we would've had to throw him over the cliff - it's a Spartan tradition - you know - among those of us from the Peleponnesse. I didn't start it, okay.)

One thing's for sure - as usual - looking may be free, but picture taking has it's price, as with this hawker, (below) who insisted we smoke one, after taking his photo.

Sheesha anyone? (Yeah, that's a cigarette in one of the pipes.)
The Khan - Sheesha Anyone?

For some reason, Vagabondblogger no longer likes malls and that's becoming true of Souks and Bazaars, as well.

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