Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Foraging for Food and Other Items In Maadi

After a grueling morning answering marital questions from the maid:

"Is Doggie married? Does she have children? blah, blah, blah, blah blah, blah.

(You want to know more about my Doggie than me! "Wa, wa, wee, wah!," "Eat my asshole!") - Yeah, we watched Borat the night before, and Fast Food Nation - the Meatheads (slang for, the dudes who run the meat processing plants) have taken over. Yikes, and as Bruce Willis' character says, "We all have to eat shit sometime." Um, yeah - like the skinned donkey we saw later in the afternoon hanging outside a meat shop. Well, it's really a guess - we were just trying to figure out what ass and tail of that nature would belong to what animal, that size.

So, Vagabondblooger and No. 1 Son, still recuperating from jetlag, decided to go down to Road 9, specifically for Jared's Bagels, but also for other purposes (and thus bumping into said ass.) Vagabondblogger was looking for the intersection where several dead and departed vans had been seen, along with a bug. And yes, we found our catch, among other things. Here lies, a dead van, by the Temple, in Maadi:
Van by the Temple

We also had the opportunity to see Belly Dancing outfits:
Belly Dancing Outfit

Sheesha Pipes:
Sheesha Pipes on Road 9, Maadi

And Artichokes:
Artichokes, Road 9, Maadi

Expat Profiles will be back after Vagabondblogger's son is finished with Spring Break and they have totally exhausted themselves, walking around Maadi, the Khan and doing the Pyramids. All photos (except for Belly Dance Outfit) were taken by Vagabondblogger's No. 1 Son, per her intructions, of course. He was instructed to take a photo of the ass, but refused.

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