Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funkengroovin - Catching Up With Myself

Since VB hasn't posted for a few weeks, it was time to catch up with the photos she had taken. Then after digging through the photo file and finding these, she thought, "that can't be, I've already posted those."  So then she went back through her blogs to determine if she was being redundant, and found she was not.

The photos below start from the most recent ones taken with the Nikon to the last three, which are all taken with the iPhone.

Below: On the way home from Road 9 one day.

Below:  Just across Port Said Street, not far from VB's apartment.

Below:  On the highway.

Below:  The dirt road near Carrefore.

Below 3 photos:  Somewhere on the way home from Carrefore.

(Would like a better photo of this Beetle.  It's kind of cool looking.)

Below 3 photos were taken with the iPhone.  The 2 below are on Road 9.

Below:  Another on the way home from Road 9. (Enlarge this to check out the fan on the dashboard.)


  1. Imagine you own all those VW and you just park them in your backyard