Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Funkengroovin - Two Blue Buses and Sleeping Dogs

A couple of weeks ago, we walked over to the Degla part of Maadi (basically through the nearby roundabout). Out shopping, we passed two blue Buses (below: 4 photos.)

A new shop selling cheese has opened.  VB's not sure when it opened, as she just returned to Cairo the third week of December.  The cheese selection resembles what VB has seen at the Gourmet Egypt shop, near Carrefore.

Below:  The open refrigerated shelves with pre-packaged cheeses, and jars of yogurt.

Below:  The larger cheeses, behind the counter.

After checking out a few shops, we stopped at the "HubblyBubbly Cafe and Restaurant" for Lattes.  They make it with illy.  No sheesha for us on this date.  Just coffee and conversation.

For some fun, more "dogs on cars".  These photos were taken at The Khan.  The woman in the blue scarf passed VB as she was taking a photo and remarked, 'You're taking a picture of a dog, why not me?"
VB's thought bubble answer, "You're not sleeping on a car now, are you."



  1. "You're not sleeping on a car now, are you."
    That made me laugh outloud. I seem to have an inordinate number of photos of complete strangers from my Cairo days.. everyone wants their photo taken.. even though they will probably never see the results!

  2. I missed visiting your blog VB. Long time hah!

    Regarding the cheeses, I tried all kinds that you can find in US including imported cheeses from all around the world, more than 200 types. At the end I kept looking in San Diego for a store that sell our delicious and rich Egyptian Roomi cheese. I guess it is delicious because it is uniquely made of the richer Buffalo milk not the cow or goat milks.

    I am impressed to see the Nissan Sentra in the Egyptian market. It is a good car.
    I am so impressed by the new car plates in Egypt. Thanks for Miss VB great pictures I really enjoyed the post