Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Funkengroovin To Dimai

Before VB details her trip to Dimai, she figured she'd better get the Funkengroovin part out of the way.  We drove to Dimai/Dimeh just over two weeks ago.  We started out at 8:00 AM and returned home after 4:00 PM.  The majority of our time we spent out in the desert, but on the way, we passed through Giza, the home of the "white chickens."

(Below): A Bus on Dead Donkey Canal Road (no dead donkeys seen this day.)

(Below 3 photos):  Around Giza, as we make our way through.  We hit Giza during morning rush hour.

And it was overcast and foggy.  Some areas foggier than others.

(Below 2 photos):  Bus stops in Giza.

(Below):  Most white chickens have an open door policy.

(Below):  Just before we drive into the desert.

(Below):  On our return.  When we left in the morning, it was foggy, and the Pyramids were hidden.  The sun came out, the sky turned blue, and on our return we could see the Pyramids for several miles.  We were so amazed even though we've visited them, and in trying to get passing shots, VB almost missed this broke down bus.

(Below 5 photos):  Shots of buses and scenes from Giza.

(Below):  Leaving Giza, and spotting a nice blue van.

(Below):  VB turned to get a frontal photo of the blue van, but the combination of a sand covered window and a brilliant sun, totally obstructed her view.

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