Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Funkengroovin Christmas 2009

 It's that time of year again.  Time to buy those gifts for your funkengroovin friends.  VB's been looking for items that might appeal to just about everyone, and has compiled her yearly list.  Sadly, no Pier 1 car ornament this year.

No news items today, and probably not for awhile, at least until after VB returns to Cairo.  

Below: What VB woke up to this morning here in Connecticut. 

 Holiday Shopping:

 BoBoo Reflector from Marimekko, and here

More here

VW Beetle gifts from Etsy
VW Bus gifts from Etsy

Advanced Graphics 631 Fillmore - VW Bus Life-Size Cardboard Stand-Up

Numerous VW gifts, including a Max model car

Recycled VW Beetle Model Car - "stylish love bug made in Madagascar from recycled cans"

Decorate your VW with:
another example here.

Wrap gifts with:

Make your own cards:

 Wear it:

Use it:

Eat it:


  1. What a beautiful site.. Wish it would snow here. -7 degrees when I got up.. and only -5 now.. but blue blue sky.

  2. Lynda: I am packing to return to Cairo, and am not in the mood for snow. I am crossing my fingers for clear skies until I leave.