Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Funkengroovin Wednesday: Old v. New - The Mini

 Something different for this week.

VB loaded most of these photos a long time ago, after a visit to the car market in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.  That's when she formatted her blog differently, and you can tell when you see the car market photos.

She's off, in her Mini, to fetch The Boss Man from the airport.  He's coming in for Thanksgiving. 

Below 2 photos are VB's Mini.  It gets buried under the snow pretty quickly.  And, yes, that second photo is in color!

Below 4 photos are an old Mini from the Nasr City car market.  We went in September a couple of years ago, and it was scorching hot, so it's quite a contrast to the snow covered photo above.

A couple of articles:

MINI comes of age

Mini: What's New for 2010?

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