Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funkengroovin - Terryville, CT Bug-A-Fair 2009, All Tarted Up

More from Terryville.  A lot of car entrants try to make their cars look sexier either with fancy mechanical gadgetry or spicing up the looks.  Here are a few examples of some Bugs that have been all tarted up.


60 years since the trusteeship of the Volkswagenwerk was placed in German hands

1966 VW Bug's Incredible Cross-Country Tour Now Reaches Montana! The Little Bug that Could!

Old-School Beetle Runs on Batteries and Biodiesel
"Students at the University of Kansas have built what may be the coolest hybrid ever — a 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle–series hybrid that burns biodiesel and gets about 50 mpg."

(Check out the photos and video)
Paul Newman’s Mid-Engine, Ford 351 Powered VW Beetle

An Old Landmark In West Charlotte Could Go Away
"CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It’s been a beacon for decades at the corner of Freedom and West Morehead, in West Charlotte an old VW Beetleon top of an old garage. Some neighborhood groups call it a landmark, well the city says it may have to come down."

Krider Racing borrows Bug, takes Beetleball title

Tea guru takes boutique brand to a new level
"In the early days at Stash Tea, he discovered Oregon's exceptional peppermint (used then in toothpaste and mouthwash), and persuaded growers in Prineville and Madras to harvest it to his specifications for tea. "We got a couple of Volkswagen busloads, then graduated to semi truck loads," Smith says. "I would drive the combine and harvest, then drive the semi truck with 25,000 pounds of leaves in it into what's now known as the Pearl District."

Today his palate is just as acute. He'll only buy chamomile from the Fayoum Oasis in Egypt, just south of Cairo. "We need tight heads, a small amount of stems, fresh product," he says."

Home remodel leaves Thorp family living in vans
"The Olliviers have circled up seven of their VW vans and campers in the backyard between their home and the river, somewhat like covered wagons.

Four of vans serve as bedrooms, one each for Jan, Jacques and sons Jordan, 12, and Joe, 15.

Three other vans are for storage and other amenities.

There’s a picnic table in the center with a large umbrella over it for family dining and the boys’ afternoon homework, a power cord from the house for a hot plate and other appliances, and ice chests in place of a refrigerator.

A portable toilet/outhouse, also used by the contractor, serves as a family restroom. A ladder against their house leads to a remodeled bathroom area in the house’s second floor where showers are taken.

All the comforts of home. Well, sort of."

It's Friday: Is this the World's Most Miserly VW Bus?

VW camper van hearse created for funerals

Odd Pueblo: Snappy or Crappy?
"Several folks also voted crappy on a bugged-out VW bug posted many moons ago – but now we got the Volkswagen’s big sister: an awesome Volkswagen bus.
Judging from my calling it awesome, you can bet I think this thing is groovy. Check out the slide show, featuring six ways of looking at a VW bus."

VW Said to Discuss Buying Insolvent Carmaker Karmann (Update1)

Last year VB noted an article about Jay Leno where he mentioned being asked to do an American version of Top Gear.  He basically said, "no."  Apparently he has changed his mind.   NBC has built a race track for Leno's new show:  (from September)    Wheels: Jay Leno’s Green Car Challenge Puts Guests on Racetrack,
"The latest TV reality show is the “Green Car Challenge,” an irregular segment — which first appeared Friday — on “The Jay Leno Show.” Celebrities will compete in a specially prepared electric Ford Focus on a racetrack built just outside the NBC studio in Burbank, Calif."

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