Friday, October 9, 2009

New Blog

Two iPhone photos using the Pano App, which makes panoramas out of subsequent photos, matching them together. These used three photos (you can use more) and if you look closely you can tell it is not an exact match. Not only that, it's quite hard to hold a steady hand, while trying to match up the end of one photo to the beginning of another, and then holding still to take the next photo. It's a great App. Clearly much practice and patience is needed.

As you can see below, the glass bottles line up pretty well, but two tomatoes look a bit bosomy.

Number One Son suggested VB do a daily blog with just photos. VB has been giving this some thought for awhile, but just couldn't figure out exactly how (or what excuse to use). The City Daily Photo, which appealed to VB had a few drawbacks. First of all, a Cairo centric blog ( Cairo/ Giza Daily Photo,) had already been claimed. Besides, VB's not in Cairo all the time. VB couldn't do a daily photo on her Podunk Connecticut town, as it's a bucolic small, vegetative (literally - we have humans here who are vegetating at this moment!) town with not too much going on (the Association VB lives in, is another matter altogether - vegetative with a very bad, Rush Limbaugh / Glenn Beck attitude.) And, as much as she was enticed by the idea, she figured it was out of the picture. She basically does not stay in one place long enough to account for, and account as a "city photographer" (this little town doesn't account for a city, to begin with.)

Then VB read a few books, which she wrapped her little brain around. First, cause she hasn't read any in "hard copy" for quite awhile, she completed, Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement That Shattered The Party. If you look close enough, you'll see it on the bookshelf.

And, as much as VB loves non-fiction (in particular) political/historical/cooking books, she bought two photo oriented books which gave her a new perspective.

One is: The Best Camera Is The One That's With you, iPhone Photography by Chase Jarvis. The book is filled with photos and praise for the iPhone camera. It is a camera you can take with you everywhere. Then, after reading photojojo! insanely great photo projects and diy ideas, by Amit Gupta and Kelly Jensen, VB realized she could actually do a daily photo without being anywhere at all (anywhere important, and that's an important feature). Thus, after checking out Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way, and other Photo365 sites, VB decided this is a possibility after all. According to the book (and site):
"Project 365 is about: taking one photo every day for a year."
So that's VB's goal.

VB posted a photo she took in DC as a baby step on her new blog: Vagabondblogger's Project 365, but the official Day 1 is today.

Come by and visit. VB will still be maintaining this blog for Funkengroovin items, rants, and whatever else she's been doing so far.

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