Monday, July 13, 2009

VB's Last Two Weeks

VB apologizes for being incommunicado awhile. Two weeks ago VB returned to the US. That, as usual, entails a few hectic days before departure, doing last minute shopping, and getting doggie certified for export. VB has plenty of VW / Funkengroovin posts, but hasn't been of the mind to actually write about them. So, you ask, "What the hell have you been up to?"

Last minute shopping trip to the Cairene labyrinth known as "The Khan." We were in search of a specific item. It was featured in USA Today just before Obama's visit. We ended up going shop to shop with photo in hand asking if anyone knew where we could find this item.

(Below): We get close, but no cigar.

(Below): We end up on amazing streets in The Khan that we had never seen before.

(Below): Finally we arrive at the shop. At the end of the road of gold dealers stand a few small shops with an assortment of goods, including gold jewelry.

(Below): The item we were seeking. A cartouche of Obama, and metal design of him as King Tut.

These (we bought three) get packed and cause much trouble at the airport during security screening. They and VB survive and get through, along with Doggie. We arrive in the States, only to have a full week of torrential rain.

It was so bad, it made some of us climb the walls - well at least the screen doors.

(Below): During those few hours of dryness, VB was able to catch a some photos. Tobacco season has started.

(Below): Some fields have already been planted, while others await. Here shade tobacco is just a couple of weeks old. By mid-late August, these plants will be poking through the tops of the tents.

(Below): Since it has rained so much, we decided to proceed with phase two of our kitchen work, involving IKEA cabinets. This entails coming up with an IKEA Hack. We've done this before, but not to the extent involved with the cabinets. For more of this insanity, check out VB's Instructable.

We have a bit more work to do, so until the dust settles, there will probably fewer posts. Besides, VB just came down with a case of hives (verified by the dermatologist next door), and it ain't pretty.

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