Monday, May 25, 2009

My Latest Obsession

VB's latest obsession - the new kitten. We learn later this week what sex it is. This kitten is growing rapidly before VB's eyes. The first several photos were taken last week. The last six, just the past few days.

VB will continue with the trip to Mokkatam and The City of the Dead after Wednesday's Funkengroovin post.

(Below): We've been moving furniture. We folded and piled up the carpets, and new kitten likes to climb up and jump off of them.

(Below): VB has some old maijlis pillows piled vertically, and the kitten attempts an ascent.

(Below): Chewing on Cooper's leg. The kitten thinks Cooper is it's mom, and Cooper is a very even tempered dog.

(Below): Sexy Little Beast.

(Below): Hogging the dogs' pad.

(Below): Soft little paws.

(Below): Long whiskers.

(Below): Totally out of it.

(Below): Portrait - we think kitty would grow up to be an awesome biker (nice goatee). Possible name "Harley"? Number One Son registers his vote for the name "Pinto".

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