Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Funkengroovin - Another Trip To The Embassy

A few weeks ago, VB made another trip to the American Embassy. She needed a notarized statement that the copy of her passport, (which is required for an Egyptian driver's license) was true and accurate. So here's another Funkengroovin tour through town. Unfortunately, everything appears sun-washed (even after adjustments were made.) VB posted the news portion separately, just before this one. Scroll down the blog page to find it. (Below): A white Vanagon parked near the house, early in the morning.

(Below): Following a green Beetle.

(Below): As we drive along an overpass exit, a Beetle sits on the other side of the road.

(Below): Further on two carts (one donkey and one horse led) pass each other.

(Below): A white Bus sits in traffic, on the Nile Corniche.

(Below): Cairo traffic. Some might call it one hot mess.

(Below): A Beetle sits hidden.

(Below ): The bicycle bread delivery man. VB's driver says, it takes at least ten years of training to ride a bike and carry a table sized tray of bread on one's head. This is obviously a specialized job.

(Below): We pass this lot every time we go to the embassy, and VB always sees this Bus parked. Today she had a better view.

(Below): A bread salesman on foot.

(Below): A ginormous bus.

(Below): Drink sales stand. This "dude" walked in front of VB's photo.

(Below): Police on the job. Another broke down cop car?

(Below): VB has tried time and again to get a good shot of Big Farah's tent in Maadi, Gedida. It's on the main exit and entrance road for the highway, and typically it just flashes by.

(Below two photos): After the embassy visit we searched for a new restaurant, and found the following two Beetles. VB will have better photos in a future post.

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