Monday, May 11, 2009

The City Of The Dead

Tonight VB leaves for a short visit to the States. Several weeks ago, she and The Boss Man took a trip to Mokkattam to buy some alabaster lamps to take back to the States. We then ventured on, into The City of the Dead, for a visit to the Mameluke (glass blowing) Factory. Here are a few scenes, from our visit. There will be a Funkengroovin follow-up for Wednesday, after that comes the glass blower, and then finally the shops themselves.

(Below): Donkey drawn cart on the highway. You will see this old man, the kid and this cart again.

(Below): A typical scene, with people crammed into the back of an open truck, except this truck is ginormous.

(Below): We were stuck in back of a garbage truck maneuvering it's way through a slender street, in front of this gated apartment building.

(Below): The Qaitbay Mosque dome, which is pictured on the 1 LE note here in Egypt. We stopped by to visit a glass factory, which seemed like it had some sort of tour group visiting. So as we waited outside, VB took some shots of the scenery.

(Below): Obviously, the cock of the walk.

(Below): A street scene - love the pink and black car at the bend in the road.

(Below): The upper entry to the Qaitbay Mosque.

(Below): A colorful cart adjacent to the glass making studio.

(Below): The entry to Qaitbay Mosque, as seen from the side.

(Below): These garbage collectors provided entertainment to us and the exiting tour group. No they're not dancing, but they look like it. They emptied large bags of garbage onto an open truck, leaving VB to comment, "That shit is just going to fly all over the place!" The Boss Man replied, "That's called recycling."

(Below): Another part of the Qaitbay Mosque.

(Below): The man with the donkey led cart arrives on the scene.

(Below): After we finally get into the factory, and leave we find this tourist taking a photo of a woman walking in front of him wearing a hijab. Did he just get off the bus?! (A lot of women here wear a hijab.)

(Bottom): Another common scene in The City of the Dead. Not only do they have quite a few mausoleums, but they apparently provide a home for dead cars, as well. Looks like these have been picked piecemeal for parts. (Or just left to rot?)


  1. Your photo's really show the vibrant colours of Cairo. Are you using a different camera, or is it my new internet connection ?:)

  2. Hahaha - neither. I realized (quite slowly) that with a UV filter on my camera, and taking photos through a slightly tinted car windows, all the colors were getting totally washed out. So I've been tweaking them a bit, with my iPhoto application.