Monday, May 4, 2009

Cathouse Update - A Death In The Family

To start off, Little Boy got into two fights with the gold and white cat below. This was the afternoon fight. He was all wound up from his morning joust.

(Below): Here Ramses looks on, and it seems to be a pretty hair raising experience for him too.

(Below): A close-up of Ramses.

(Below two photos): Later in the afternoon the whole fam-damily shows up. VB thinks this photo directly below is so typical of dysfunctional families. Mean Mama looks on as juvie, Little Boy aka Scarface eats, and somehow through those extra eyes in the back of his head, senses his bitch Mama watching him with disapproval.

(Below): The ass sniffing begins. For some strange reason, every member (Mean Mama and her kids) are all gathered on the porch for a feeding. This is unusual.

(Below): That evening Doggie and VB had quite an experience. Sure, Mean Mama's daughter would be protective of her newborn baby, but on this night she was aggressive. Like a snarling dog, creeping forward, with the threat to pounce, she followed and harassed us during our walk in the yard. (Reminder, it's VB's fucking yard bitch!)

Well, the next day she was on the front porch all morning snoozing, seeking comfort from her older brother, Little Boy aka Scarface (from another litter). It was after that we realized her little kitten baby must have passed away. She looked sad, and Scarface was very comforting.

(Below): Yesterday morning. Back to kitty play. She was too young to have a child to begin with. She is still so small, and looks like a kitten herself. So, for that past several days she's been getting back into the kitten groove - playing in the yard, keeping company with her brothers, and just being a cat. That won't be for long. She will go back into season, and we will go through another round.

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  1. The commentary was hilarious. GOSH!
    I laughed my head off.
    No, I am not headless.