Sunday, December 7, 2008

Train Ride To "The City"

When we go to "The City," we usually take the train. We drive to New Haven, park, and ride. But then we found out that we could drive to "The City" and park (all four of us) for less than the train ride. Yes even when gas was sky high, it was still cheaper for at least three people to drive to "The City," instead of taking a Metro North train. We enjoy taking the train, if we can get the express, otherwise, for those of us who live up near the Massachusetts border, stopping at every single small town takes for-ever.

Since it was just The Boss Man and VB the last time, we took the train. We did not consult the online schedules as we usually do, in advance, and had no idea how long we'd wait for the next train from New Haven. The ticket attendant said, "You're just in time. The next train arrives in six minutes." Well, that left VB no time to take photos inside Union Station - perhaps next time.

(Below): This is as good as it gets. Us running through a tunnel on our way to the upper level, outdoor terminal. It's a very shiny tunnel.

Even though Grand Central is pretty cool no commuters really hang out there. So, the next day, VB went back to Grand Central to take pictures (and she did some
shopping too.) She wasn't the only one. You are either a passenger running through the terminal on your way somewhere, or a "tourist" taking pictures. The flashes going off in the terminal were continuous. VB did not use her flash, as she was trying to be really inconspicuous, but with camera in hand, it probably didn't work.

A short tour of the train from Union Station to Grand Central.

New Haven

(Below): Union Station in New Haven, Connecticut. It's pretty deserted looking. That's because it was freezing outside, and most of the passengers were waiting on the steps, inside.

(Below): The train approached and everyone inside, ran out, only to be passed up.
The train then reversed a few minutes later, with a garbled announcement on the loud speaker about some sort of technical problem.

(Below): The actual station, perched behind a commuter train.

Inside Grand Central

(Below): Grand Central, as you see it from the Vanderbilt entrance.
The people below VB are taking pictures.

(Below): Another photographer amidst the chaos.

(Below): 42nd Street entrance / exit.

(Below): As seen from the terminal area.

(Below): Ditto.

(Below): The escalator.

(Below): Time table.

Sheltering Under Grand Central’s Ceiling of Stars
"But the number-one attraction, best seen from the staircases you're not supposed to sit on, is the geometrical movements of thousands of New Yorkers crisscrossing the main concourse, proving once and for all that humans are just as good as ants in moving in all directions through huge crowds without bumping into one another. It's great people-watching on a spectacular stage."

(Below): All those people up on the steps are taking pictures, and VB is probably in a few.

Outside Grand Central - Two views.

(Below): That's The Chrysler Building in the background.

(Below): Close up of the Eagle.

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