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Funkengroovin Wednesday - The Roof

Wednesday morning VB and The Boss Man head on down to "The City" for another two night stay. VB is really, really trying to be more mindful of her blogging, now that the election is over. So, she is posting this on a Tuesday afternoon, as she used to, before she became consumed by - the election.

VB mentioned at least once before, the fact that her '65 VW Beetle Convertible caught on fire. Well that was back in the late spring of 2005. The body work and a new engine install took place that summer. It took some time, what with trying to find a new trunk lid, having the body repaired and painted, and all the tinkering around with mechanics. We actually purchased another trunk lid, but found that our slightly damaged, but repaired lid fit much better, but not as well as we would like.

Last month The Boss Man spent wads of money on new upholstery, a new canvas roof, a new top liner, new carpets, and door panels. We drove the car down to Manchester, to Roger's Upholstery. He's not quite finished, but we're getting there, slowly but surely. Going through all the repairs, in one post, would take forever, so VB has decided to just do it step by step. Here's the rundown on the roof.

(Below): The rear of the car, just after the fire. Awesome Daughter and The Boss Man were out for a ride, with the roof down. Awesome Daughter heard a loud noise, turned around to discover the back end of the car was afire. They pulled over. Strangers from an apartment building, across the street, ran out carrying fire extinguishers, and took care of the flames. The poor Beetle had to be towed to Bob's in West Springfield for repair - mostly mechanical.

(Below): Even though the rear of the roof looks fine (above), you can see the extent of the fire to the interior of the car.

(Below): The damaged roof down, as it was when it caught fire.

(Below): Close-up view.

(Below): A view of the roof, almost totally repaired. The rubber around the rear window was burnt, and we have ordered a replacement. You can sneak a peek at the new interior (only the backseat is done) and new black carpet.

(Below): The front of the roof, just after the fire. That's the apartment building, in the background, where people ran out with their fire extinguishers in hand.

(Below): A close up view, taken last month.

(Below): An even closer up view.

(Below): What we have, so far, at Roger's shop. He said he had one hell of a time stretching the canvas to fit properly. He thought the lining looked a bit sloppy, but when VB compares it with old photos, it seems to look just fine. Ignore the "lipstick" red backseat - VB will get to that at a later date.

(Below): Another view, from the side. That stuff on top of the roof, will replace the metal that we had around the base and rear top of the roof previously. After the rear window is installed, Roger steams the roof. Then we need to wait for a nice warm sunny day, let the car sit outside, so the roof stretches properly, before we can put the top down. Right - the summer of 2009.


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"The phrase "speed limit" is something of a misnomer. Before 1974, the rule of thumb was to set speed limits at the 85th percentile: 85 percent of the cars should be traveling at or below the limit, while 15 percent of cars could be exceeding it. Speed limits could be used to accurately judge how safe it was to travel on any particular roadway.
Now, that black-and-white sign rarely tells you the maximum speed you can safely travel without wrapping your car around a tree or unintentionally modifying a guardrail. It factors in fuel efficiency, pedestrian safety and the concerns of those who live in the area. Drivers who get used to these artificially low speed limits begin to ignore them and end up routinely driving 5 to 10 mph faster than the number on the sign. Drivers also disregard speed limits when the police fail to enforce them."

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Since talk of a bailout for the auto industry is all the news these days, it's interesting to note that a unique car (one once owned by VB) was made by GM. Most likely it would be the only GM car VB would own. Actually VB and The Boss Man owned four different versions of this car (all used), one solely just for the parts. That's three Mantas and one 1900. One we called "The Silver Bullet" had a passenger side door that had the habit of flying open, while we'd be speeding down I-71 from Cleveland to Cincinnati (normally right outside of Columbus.) (Below): Our first dog, Shelby, jumped behind the wheel, while we were packing up for a camping trip to Red River Gorge, where, BTW, as we slept in an open cave, coonhounds howled, and our car was robbed. They even siphoned our tank of gas, which we had just filled before entering the park. Let's just say, we got the hell out of Dodge, while the gettin' was good. No desire to return to find the whole car stolen the next day. While we waited for the police at the toll booth, the female attendant, who rocked her office chair back and forth, while scarfing down a bologna sandwich said, "You know, there's bears and snakes up in them thar hills." Yes, and a gang of thieves too!

General Motors and Opel: An 80-year marriage for better or worse
"Twelve years later, a new Kadett was brought to the market in a bid to compete with the Volkswagen Beetle.
In the early 1970s, Opel held around 20 percent of the German market but was then surpassed by VW when Europe's biggest car maker brought out the Golf."

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