Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eating "The City" - Cupcakes

The Boss Man and VB took the train to "The City" last Wednesday. Friday, Awesome Daughter and Number One Son drove down to fetch us. Regardless of why we go, we always end up at the Apple Store (below).

Since it was freezing, and the windchill made window shopping almost impossible, we decided to depart a few hours earlier than planned. On our way to the parking garage, we passed Radio City Music Hall, all decked out in it's holiday splendor (below,) with a line wrapped around the corner for the show.

VB spotted a new Magnolia Bakery one block down from the theatre, and Awesome Daughter declares, "I need cupcakes!" (below). You can see how packed it is, from across the street.

(Below): A sign at the bakery.

(Below): Decorating cakes.

(Below): Rush hour in cupcakeland.

Awesome Daughter bought six. The one on the front right photo below, is a Red Velvet cupcake. She got the last one.

(Below): A shot taken by Number One Son of the scene. The order line has now dwindled, as we wait in line to pay.

(Below): Two cakes.

And, as everyone knows, VB is a huge fan of 30 Rock, so for a tie-in:
A scene from 30 Rock about cupcakes: Liz Lemon Knows Her Cupcakes

And a response: Did Liz Lemon Leave a Misleading Trail of Cupcake Crumbs?

A few articles - mostly old, but the first is the most recent:
The Washington Post conducted a "cupcake war" to determine the best within the beltway: Sweet Victory and, the winning recipe Georgetown Cupcake's Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

New York cupcake rationing averted

New York's Cupcakes: Fueling the Fire

Cupcake makers at war over dot-in-circle trademark

Sweet and Vicious

Cupcake wars (or: how 'Sex and the City' ruined my neighbourhood)

(Below): Where VB did not get to eat.

Muffin Top, From 30 Rock (funny)


  1. Yum, yum they look divine! I love cupcakes, I always make them for my daughters birthday. I've actually bought one of those cup cake tree stands so you can display them nicely in the centre of the table. Are you going back to Cairo?

  2. But...but....the Apple store looks EMPTY!!!

  3. Elle: I go back to Cairo in mid-January. Just here for the holidays with the kids.

    Braja: The glass box is the above ground entrance. The actual store is subterranean, and it's pretty big and has been totally full every time we've visited.

  4. I dont know whats more awesome, the Apple store or the cupcakes. Gosh thats one beautiful structure.
    And that chocolate cupcake has my name on it.
    mmmmmm and a nice hot coffee preferably not from starsucks.

  5. Muffin Top was funny.
    How does that dress stay in place asks a bewildered wiggly wobbly mama?

  6. Kaya: We speculate that she used some sort of fashion tape, or just plain glue. I've watched it many times because I love the actress Jane Krakowski (no I am not gay), and I keep waiting for another fashion fiasco, but no.

    I think I ate that chocolate cupcake, BTW (the only one I got.)