Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - In Alexandria

As VB stated in her last post, she was in Alexandria last week, for Eid. Here are a few scenes from her trip. (Below): Ramses Train Station, Cairo, Egypt.

(Below): Black Beetle. Background is the Montaza Garden wall, Alexandria.

(Below 3 Photos): A Citroen parked behind an American "Muscle Car" under wraps. The Boss Man identifies the Citroen as such, and VB is (as usual) is clueless. These cars were parked cross from the Roman Odeum in Alexandria. The Odeum, BTW, looks like a waste of time, particularly if you've already seen plenty of Greco-Roman antiquities. We had just come from Pastroudis, where we had coffee and water, after strolling around the Alexandria Opera House.

(Below): Common scene around Alexandria, during Eid. We saw wagon loads of kids, riding around the streets, screaming and waving at everyone.

(Below): VW Bus along the Corniche, Alexandria.

(Below): Front (and oncoming) bus, labeled "Crazy Car," which is a good description of all the taxis in Alexandria. VB's not sure that it's such a great idea to advertise one's recklessness (although, the driver is wearing a seat belt!).

(Below): The rear end. BTW, yellow headscarves seem to be all the rage this season.

(Below): White Beetle, broke down, along the Corniche in Alexandria.

(Below): Our Eid welcome back scene along the Nile Corniche in Cairo. The Corniche was packed, and people were wall to wall, and lined up all along the bridges.

VB would like to say that it's always nice to have visitors, but family always brings back some strange memories, some bad, but mostly good. VB would like to have more of these experiences, but most family members are not like minded (we will leave it at that, without going into VB's snotty little opinions.) Most of them need to experience a bit more of life. They seem to think that the cities where they live are "centers of the universe."

No News Today, as VB was up at 3:00 AM here in Cairo watching the US Presidential debate.

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  1. I was in Alex too last week in eid, did you see how they drive !!?? and i thought we were the worst in Cairo !!??

  2. O-M-G! I thought I was going to be killed at least twice a day. We were out in Montaza, and, of course, that requires a taxi to go anywhere, but they are definitely suicidal up there!

  3. Oh VB, your post made me thrill and shake. You know I am from Alexandria. I haven't been there since 2002. Every time I see a picture of the orange taxi my eyes tears. I lived there all my life. Please do not make comments you and Zeinobia on how we drive hah! cause that piss me off. Go to Al Azhar, El sayyeda or Shobra districts in Cairo and see how they drive then you will see how safe to drive in Alex. The two major accidents I have ever had in my life were in Cairo

  4. he and she: Sorry to reply so late, but I've been thinking about your comment. I think the drivers in Alexandria are suicidal. I don't care for the Cairene taxis, so far, from little experience, as they are not as much fun. In Baku, the drivers are suicidal, with a bad attitude. But, the drivers I dislike the most, are the ones close to my home in CT. They are cantankerous, angry, impatient, (in need of meds?) and one even tried to run me down in a grocery store parking lot, while yelling obscenities (this person looked as old as the Pyramids!)

    At least foreign drivers, no matter how bad, unruly, crazy, or suicidal they are do not take their driving personally (that is until they have an accident - probably a post for the future, since Egyptians are like Greeks - highly emotional.)