Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Lotus!

Happy Birthday to VB's puppy Lotus! She's one year old today - that's right September 11th!

She was all for it, but Cooper, her older half brother, wanted nothing to do with the hat! Although, he did vacuum up his slice of cake.

BTW, we bought them raincoats today. VB used to have a matching lined one for VB Doggie (that's right, VB and Vagabondblogger Doggie had matching coats.) So we decided, after that bitch of a storm Hanna tore through here, and it was getting close to autumn, they needed rain coats. Check it out!

(Below): Lotus posing, while in the background, Cooper fights with the hat.

(Below): Hat free, Cooper has the appearance of a dog who is "having nothing to do with this!"

(Below): The new raincoats.

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