Monday, September 15, 2008

Galveston 2006

A little over two years ago, April 2006, The Boss Man and VB took a trip to Galveston, Texas. The Boss Man was working in Houston and VB spent half a year down there. We finally got our act together to do a day trip. Galveston sounded like a fine place to plop the Vanagon down, and have a cook out on the beach. Much to our surprise, it was the weekend for a Hip-Hop festival. There were some pretty fancy cars down there, with distinctive colors (blue and green) possibly designating gang rivalries, parts of town, who knows. We didn't ask, but a couple of folks did let VB take some photos. As you can see, it turned out to be a perfect day.

Oh yeah, and the bouncers let VB use the porta-potty too, even though she didn't have tickets to the show (it's really hard figuring out where to piss on a naked beach!)

VB wanted to go back to Galveston sometime, when it wasn't as crowded, to take photos of the beautiful buildings (photos). It wasn't too long after this, that we discovered we were moving to Cairo, Egypt. So, no, VB never got back down there. The news about Hurricane Ike's assault, is not good. VB would like to add that her nephew is without electricity in Cincinnati, Ohio (one of 700,000), and had two trees in the front of his yard blown down. All this from Ike! But, has any of this been mentioned in the news - noooooooo. We Americans are more concerned with Lipstick and Pigs.

(Below): Our Van on the beach - looks mighty fine if I say so myself! We are well below the seventeen foot breaker wall.

(Below): The queue of cars waiting to enter, looking for parking spots (we got the best one.)

(Below): A Chevy Lumina all tricked out.

(Below 2): A Cadillac all "pimped out". Check out the trunk (second photo.) And yes, that's a huge, thumpin' stereo in the trunk. Ghetto Dreams is a hip-hop album by an artist from the Houston area, who was gunned down. That's about all VB knows on the subject. Oh yeah, and the owner has turned his back to the photo, but very proud of his car none-the-less.

(below): As we were leaving, late in the afternoon, a queue was still forming on this tree lined street in Galveston.

(Below): Closing in on Houston - the multiple leveled highways gave VB acrophobia.

(Below): Coming down from on high. It's a strange feeling when you're driving and get the feeling you are just about as high as a skyscraper.

Lou Reed - Perfect Day

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