Sunday, August 10, 2008

Funkengroovin At The Terryville, CT Bug-A-Fair

Yes, VB knows it's not Wednesday, but she has a multitude of photos from the VW "Fair" in Terryville, CT.

Here's a few Van and Bus photos. Enjoy. VB will add more from the show ASAP.
For a more current update (with more photos not shown on the blog, cause there are lots, and lots more) go to her
Terryville, CT set on flickr. Oh, and enlarge these, as they really show the autos as they should be seen.

(Below): Three Westfalias. Middle Red Van, belongs to Nevin (check out his snazzy interior below) and the far right White Van belongs to The Boss Man. (Actually, it's in his name, but it was always in use by VB, and now Number One Son seems to think it's his - the cupboard contains a printer and we found a package of printer paper - perhaps due to some political activity he is involved with?)

(Below): Nevin's retro-metro-sexual interior. Pretty nice, eh? VB's jealous!

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