Saturday, August 2, 2008

Egypt's New Traffic Law - It's Funky!!!

VB has her hands on a translated copy of the "NEW TRAFFIC LAW" for Egypt. Unfortunately, the Excel form she received, does not paste well. Below: the law, the fine (in LE) and administrative penalty, if applicable. (Anything in parenthesis is commentary from yours truly.) The new traffic law went into effect August 1st. Beware - these guys (below) will be all over your ass, if you don't obey!

Believe VB when she says, either the law is very discretionary, as in "cases are decided on an individual basis," type of deal like "a tip would help", i.e. "baksheesh;" Or more specifics are needed in some of the declarations. And there's more, but apparently not important enough to translate. From "Go on green" (link below,) "The Ministry of Interior has already launched inspection campaigns to remove all chains, barrels, plant pots, car tires or any other obstacles placed to reserve parking spots or block part of the road. Violators will be imprisoned for a period not more than one year and/or a fine ranging between LE1,000 and LE3,000. Citizens who do this, according to Zaghloul, impede traffic flow by narrowing the street and causing congestion." In other words, be prepared to bail your boab (doorman) out of jail.



  • Driving of a vehicle with a speed that is less than the minimum speed, in case it causes obstruct of traffic in the street / 50-100 -
(Like This?)

  • Using the vehicles in purposes other than what is stated in the license / 50-100 -
(Like This?)

  • Sticking posters, or writing, or drawing or adding any other kind of information on the vehicle body or any of its parts or its plate / 50-200 -
(Like this?)

  • Non-adherence to the right sight of the road as assigned for driving for both directions / 50-200 -
(We don't need no stinkin' law to tell us to drive on the right! Driving inside the lanes - that's another issue, altogether, which these laws apparently don't address. Right is right, right?)

  • Leaving the vehicle, or an animal, or any other object in the street in a manner that jeopardizes the lives and money of others, or causing a delay in the traffic movement or obstructing it / 50-200
  • Un-notifying the nearest traffic officer or the police, or the ambulance of an accident that occurs in and/or with the vehicle, which caused injuries to the passengers, or in case he neglected the injured persons; the driver, therefore, should take the injured to the nearest hospital / 50-200 -
  • Nondisclosure of the name or address of whoever was driving a vehicle during a given time to the traffic officers and/or the police about / 50-200 -
  • Installing of alarm devices (siren) in the vehicle is completely violating the law / 50-200 / Will be confiscated
  • Installing of lights that are in violation to the law provisions / 50-200 / Will be confiscated
  • Violations made by the truck drivers in terms of weight, height, width, or length that are permitted and in relation to the approved cargo / 50-200 -
(like This?)

(Or This?)

  • If the vehicle driver did not follow the instructions and traffic signs as well as the traffic officers instruction related to organizing the traffic flow / 50-200 -
(Like This?)

  • Fine shall be doubled upon committing any of the aforementioned violations within 6 months from the final date of conviction
  • Using the mobile phone manually while driving / 100-300 -
  • Deficiency in fixing the plates in its right place / 100-300 -
  • Non wearing of the safety belts for both the driver and/or the passenger in the front chair / 100-300 / 1-3 months in jail for the driver
  • Non providing the vehicle with the reflecting triangle / 100-300 / license withdraw for a minimum period of 1 month and a maximum period of 3 months
  • Non providing the vehicle with the first aid kit / 100-300 / license withdraw for a minimum period of 1 month and a maximum period of 3 months
  • Non providing the vehicle with the fire distinguisher in a good condition / 100-300 -
  • Non using of the protecting helmets while driving the motorcycles / 100-300 -
(Like This? Nooo, the toilet does not double as a helmet!)

  • In case one of the previous violations was repeated within 6 months form the date of final conviction, the fine shall be doubled
  • Driving without a driver’s license or without the vehicle license / 100-1000 / Or jail for a period not more than 6 months

  • Using the horn with no reason (reasons such as; alerting a vehicle, a person, or an animal to prevent a possible harm that could occur)
  • If the driver, intentionally, did not close all the vehicles doors during the ride

(Like This?)

  • Intentionally stop or drive very slowly on bridges, or at its outset or its slide or at exits or crossroads of any street / From 100-100 / Fine will be doubled upon committing any of these deeds within 6 months from the final date of conviction
  • Polluting the streets by throwing leftovers, or construction wastes or any other stuff
  • Driving a vehicle that produces loud sounds
  • Driving a vehicle that produces a thick smoke or non-environmental exhaust and/or bad smell
  • Driving a vehicle where substances are flying out of it, or with inflammable or harming substances leaking out of it, or substances that could affect the competency of the road in a way that could nail the road safety or forming any kind of danger for the road users / 100-1500 / Fine will be doubled upon committing any of these deeds within 3 months from the final date of conviction / Upon repeating the same deed for a third time within 6 months from the date of the second conviction, fine should be paid + license withdraw for a whole year
  • If the driver of the vehicle disconnect the hook or keep any of those locks / 200-1000 / Or jail for a period not more than 6 months
  • If the small truck did not abide by driving in the right side of the road and abide by the specified speed / 200-1000 / Fine will be doubled upon committing any of these deeds within 6 months from the final date of conviction
  • Driving a vehicle with a speed that exceeds the maximum stated speed / 300-1500 / Or jail for a period not less than 6 months
  • Assault of any vehicle driver on the traffic officer for and/or while he is on duty / 300-1500 / Or jail for a period not less than 6 months
  • Driving a vehicle that has not breaks (both hand breaks and foot break), or if both or one of them is damaged / 300-1500 / Or jail for a period not less than 6 months
  • Obstructing the traffic movement intentionally / 300-1500 / Or jail for a period not less than 6 months
(Like This? Believe VB, this is a "vehicle," and her bet is: it doesn't have the required first aid kit or fire extinguisher in it either!))

  • Change of the data related to the vehicle and/or the plate color / 300-1500 / Or jail for a period not less than 6 months
  • Intentionally writing invalid data in the forms and requisitions stated in the law / 300-1500 / Or jail for a period not less than 6 months / In case all or any of the above violations are repeated within 6 months from the final conviction date, the fine and penalty will be doubled
  • Driving under the effect of alcohol or drugs / 500-1000 / Or jail for 3-12 months with withdrawing the license for 90 days / In case the above violation is repeated, license will be withdrawn for 6 months, and for 1 year if it is repeated during the original period of withdrawal
  • Violating the public decency inside the vehicle / 300-1500 / In case this is repeating within a year from the date of the first time, fine will be doubled Jail for a period not more than 6 months, and same penalty will be applied to the driver if he allows such acts inside the vehicle // In case this action is repeating during a year from the first time, penalty will be doubled
  • Intentionally driving in the opposite direction / 1000-3000 / Or jail
(Like This?)

  • If driving in the opposite direction or breaking the traffic signs resulted in causing injuries and/or deaths for others, the fine will be doubled
  • Possession or using of any device inside the vehicle that could disclose or alert the radar locations or affect it / 1500-3000 / Jail for a period not more than 6 months // These devices shall be confiscated, penalty will be doubled upon repeating the same action within a year from the date of final conviction
  • Non availability of the safety and solidity conditions in the vehicle / Withdraw of the driving license for a period not more than a month. A temporary permit shall be granted for 7 days to allow fulfilling the safety and solidity conditions
  • Using over bright lights
  • Stopping the vehicle in dark places in the evening without using the low lights
  • Using the vehicles in private parades without prior permit from the concerned departments Withdraw of the driving license for a period not less than a month and not more than 3 months
  • Driving with plates not issued by the traffic department
  • Intentionally drive a vehicle with unclear or hard to read information
  • Driving the vehicle at night without using the front and back lights, or the lights’ reflector. This action equals using damaged or nonexistent lights Withdraw of the driving license for a period not less than 6 months and not more than a year
  • Wrong waiting Withdraw of the driving license for a period not less than a month
  • Using or issuing more than 1 driving license
  • Illegally changing the state of the license
  • Penalty to each and everyone helped in any way in issuing a new driving license instead of the withdrawn or canceled one / 1000-5000 / Or jail for a period not more than a year
  • Delaying or obstructing the traffic flow in any way / 500-2000 / Traffic authority will remove the obstructions on the violators own expenses
(Like This? The sewer lid aka manhole cover is fucked up, so someone put a rock in the road to protect it.)

  • Making an artificial ______ without a license, or cutting off, or blocking part of the road in a way that would narrow it or obstruct the traffic flow or jeopardizes others’ lives or money Penalty will be doubled if action is repeated within a year from the final date of conviction. / The traffic authority shall remove it on the violator’s own expense
  • Anyone who allows persons under the age of 18 to drive a vehicle in case a death, or injury or any form of damage occurs to others 100-1000 Or jail for a period not more than 6 months
  • All other violations that do not involve a fine, shall be reconciled by paying an amount of not less than 20 pounds and not more than 50 pounds

Disclaimer: VB did not translate this. She received it already translated, and has not made any grammatical corrections (it's just way better like this.) A pdf version you can download is available via several links, at Babel Talk.

New Traffic Law News:
Also: Go on green
"Will chaotic traffic improve after the new traffic law?"

"Dozens of mobile speed radars fixed on 4x4 vehicles will be dispersed along highways, ring roads and main streets; hundreds of high-tech motorcycles will be combing the streets to maintain discipline and help enforce new regulations; cameras connected to the ministry's central and subsidiary operation rooms will go up in streets and squares to capture traffic law violators, taking pictures of the car plate and violation....

His ministry will also utilise new methods in identifying drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Instead of confiscating the driver's licence and sending them to the hospital for a blood test, a breathaliser will be used on site.

The new law prohibits the renewal of taxi car licences and other passenger transportation vehicles which were manufactured more than 20 years ago. Owners are given a grace period of three years to replace these vehicles. PTA Chief Major General Mohamed Mansour suggested that these cars can be converted into private vehicles or sold as junk." (VB wants one - she buys junk! Junk with the initials VW!)

Pick of the pack
"Other pundits concurred, stressing that the laws will not be implemented as envisaged, and that corruption and a lax attitude towards the law will make a mockery of the entire system that the authorities hope to enforce."


  1. hahahahaaa Oh my Goodness VB. Your photo collection and comments made me laugh like crazy. How did you cllect all those pictures that each serves a specific point in the Traffic law. Amazing. In my openion, this is the best post I ever read to you. Good job

  2. he and she, and dubai photo story: Thanks. Much appreciated.

    he and she - I'm always taking traffic photos just because some of the stuff I see in Cairo, people would not believe, unless I had a photo as proof.

  3. Great blog and you did much better than me so I linked to you from my blog found at

  4. darell: Thanks - saw your post. Much better translation, I must say.

  5. so funky...very funky..i tought all da pics can make just kidding 4 one it true?...may b da firaun laws...hahahaha

  6. i am an egyptian and american and i came to vist my home country after 14 years

    and i got arrested and paid 1300 for holding an international driver license besides my american license

    can you imagine how stupid the new law or how stupid the people who are trying to applying it
    without thinking.

  7. I just got my Egyptian Driver's License recently. I don't drive here, but I figured if I ever had an emergency and needed to, I should be prepared (and I am not interested in going to jail). I shake my head every time I hear a story about how the new laws are being implemented, especially when I see flagrant, and very dangerous, violations all over the place. Makes no sense to me.

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