Sunday, July 27, 2008

VB Rubbernecks At A Cairo Car Accident

On a Friday afternoon ride (we take puppy Lotus out for rides,) we decided to take the highway to Maadi Carrefore, and do a loop around.

(Below): A bus stop

(Below): The bus stop farther down - (yeah, pile as much crap as you can on top of the bus!)

(Below): Just approaching a traffic jam

(Below): Closer...

(Below): Okay people, now you need to pay attention and click on photos for larger pics. Check out the blue road sign, with two arrows pointing down? Just behind the huge truck with the blue scene on the back, you can see wheels (blow it up by clicking on the photo). That's right. The vehicle is upside-down!

(Below): Again, same spot in the photo. Car has been up-righted, and facing perpendicular to the road. Remember, these people built the Pyramids, so they can certainly handle lifting a bus.

(Below): Vehicle has been righted - it's on it's wheels, and now parallel to traffic.

(Below): Another view.

(Below): Closer...

(Below): Aaaah! A blue and white bus!

VB found out from a witness, that the blue and white bus got a flat tire, skidded, and flipped over, landing upside-down. Alhamdullilah (Thanks to God) no one was injured.


  1. So true. Every time I hit the road, which is not that often, there is either an accident, or some sort of major vehicle malfunction, creating a traffic jam.