Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Funkengroovin Wednesday - Moving A Van with Scenes From Alaska

Moving to and from Alaska is much like moving overseas. Everything has to be put on freighters. Sometimes things get blown off the freighters at sea, and get lost. Moving a car, is also, much like getting it towed. Photos below are of our move from Alaska to "outside" or "the Lower 48."

There were times and places in Alaska, where our Van would / could not go - the hillside (mountain) in winter. Equipped with studded snow tires we were able to suddenly stop on ice without skidding (like when a momma moose and her brood ran across our path), and trudge through "break-up." We did have one accident, when the driveway heaved up, and we had to gun the engine to get up the driveway over the ice. We popped the sun-roof off! Other than having the sliding door open suddenly on incredibly cold days, the Van worked out great. We took it on picnics, drives, bird watching at Potter Marsh, and whale watching at Beluga Point, Turnagain Arm at high tide.

Scenes from a move, and a life in Alaska.

Moving the Van:

Salmon spawning at Potter Marsh.

The kids always get a kick out of emphasising the "hoar" in hoarfrost.

Moose in the front yard:

Camping at Portage Glacier: Our first dog, Shelby, is tied to the car for his own safety. He once ran away, on Christmas eve and disappeared for twelve hours. When we found him, he came out from behind a neighbor's house. We suspect he got stuck in deep snow, in the woods behind our house and spent the day digging himself out. We were grateful he didn't get kicked upside the head by an angry moose. Having found bear skat just outside the Van when we awoke, we decided to play it safe.

you aint going nowhere - Earl Scruggs & The Byrds

Next Tuesday afternoon Vagabondblogger returns to Cairo, arriving on Wednesday. A Funkengroovin post will probably be uploaded late. Sorry folks and sorry about being a bit late this week (trying to get her act together before the trip.)


  1. Cue the twilight zone music... Miss 6 asked me last night if we could go to Alaska!! Apparently she was on the net and saw that it snows a LOT there, starting in Oct... she still hasn't recovered from not seeing a single snow flake during our month in Germany. Good luck on your flight back.. I can't see a VW on the street now without thinking of your blog.

  2. Apparently we lived in Alaska the three years it had record snowfall. A friend who's there now, says Alyeska sometimes does not even have enough snow for skiing. The Iditarod has been moved to a new, a bit north, starting point too. So, your Miss 6 might be disappointed there too.