Monday, January 7, 2008

Day Tripping

The Boss Man, Awesome Daughter, VB and the two doggies took a day trip to New Hampshire, in two cars - the Ford Pick-Up, and the Mini Cooper S, on Friday. Number One Son has been working up there since September and needed to switch cars, among other things. Don't ask why we took two cars!

One the way up we passed the Caspian Rug Gallery, which we visited on our return trip. It's a rustic, small carpet shop run by an Iranian man, Shahram (you can call him "Sean"), somewhere on Route 13, Brookline, New Hampshire. (See below) If you're in the area, you should stop by and buy a carpet. VB has too many carpets already and is not allowed to buy anymore. Boohoo....

Here's what we saw (the really important stuff.)

(As usual, click on photos to enlarge them.)

Decisions, decisions! (Isn't that what New Hampshire's all about these days?) Which way to go?

Thankfully, no decision needed. We get to take a pass on Purgatory - at least for now.

Purgatory Road might have been easier to maneuver through than this (below). Apparently, Number One Son is somewhere out in the boondocks of New Hampshire - something he neglected to tell us.

Due to his upcoming job duties, Number One Son needed the family TomTom to find his way around New Hampshire. The TomTom is great. VB never cared for GPS systems, since the one we received from a car rental company back in 2002 helped get us lost somewhere in western Connecticut. But the TomTom is worth the money, if you take a lot of trips, or need to go into back-country areas, or have the bad luck to always get lost. It's satellite based, and can correct your directions regardless of what you do to screw them up. It's also a hands-free for your phone, and The Boss Man even downloaded John Cleese's voice for his vocal directional instructions (not as funny as you'd think.)

The engine check light came on in the Audi, which Number One Son was driving around, so we decided to trade cars with him. He took the Ford Pick-Up as he has to tote around lots of materials, plus all the snacks we brought for him, and his co-workers. As luck would have it, VB's Mini was too small, and she's very reluctant to let it out of her sight. Covered with dirt and salt residue, in the photo, it's her favorite car. Below, three of the six cars we own. (Sorry but due to the sensitive nature of Number One Son's job, we had to wipe out the license plates. It's "top secret" don't you know.)

Below, scene from the garage window of the house where he was stationed on Friday. A moose was said to have been seen earlier in the day.

Fortunately, his work (12-14 hour days / 7 days a week) pretty much comes to an end Tuesday night, except for a few loose ends he will need to tie up later. Among other things we all hope for is to celebrate The New Year together - something we missed as a result of his intensive work schedule. We have several bottles of unopened champagne we're saving for a celebration (we might even open one up Tuesday night.)

Whatever your thoughts - keep them to yourself - or as Francis Urquhart said in, House of Cards: "You might well think that. I couldn't possibly comment."


  1. Oh so much snow!!! The opposite to our time over Christmas in Europe. Gorgeous unless you are digging out the car in the morning.

  2. We were lucky, tough back in Connecticut for a few weeks it was, snow, snow, snow and yeah there was some digging.