Friday, September 7, 2007

Weekend News Roundup - Prelude

A few tidbits to chew on, while you're waiting for the Weekend News Roundup. Two Opus comics that were censored from major U.S. newspapers, such as the Washington Post. You never know, even the hijab or burkini in a comic strip could cause trouble. And as for burkhas, ever wonder why the Taliban demanded that women wear them? Could it be they felt threatened? You'll have to check out the photo essay below, to see where Vagabondblogger is coming from.

Opus, the censored comic

Opus, Burkini comic

Violent Femmes: The Taliban's Secret Photos
A Magnum photo essay. During his coverage of the fall of Afghanistan's Taliban regime in 2002, photographer Thomas Dworzak discovered a stash of pictures showing male Taliban members in curious, effeminate poses.

If player / video doesn't work you can view it at here at Slate.

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