Monday, August 6, 2007

Around the Hood - Coffee Wars

Some things change and some stay the same in neighborhoods. I've only been here since early November, and things are hopping down on Road 9. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Beano's is expanding. They're at war with the newcomers to the neighborhood, Costa Coffee (in the old Chicken Tikka place.)

Here's both Costa Coffee and Beano's, side by side on Road 9.

In one photo (below, left), outdoor air conditioners are being delivered to Beano's. As the waiter said, "it's very hot out, no." They installed them while we sipped our coffee, but we haven't had a chance to see how they work. Apparently, Beano's has decided to pull out all the stops to fight back at the Costa Coffee encroachment.

Beano's expansion took over La Poire pastry shop. Where is La Poire you ask?

La Poire has moved next to Onyx Jewelry and Silver shop, on the opposite side of the street.

A few doors up Mediterraneo is not only still in business, but is now offering Sushi.

On the other hand, The Mermaid still has
the same daily special!

Unfortunately, if you happen to be shopping during prayer times, you may find your favorite shops "closed for praying."

There's a new school in the area: The Irish School - still wondering what's with that. Do they serve Guinness? Or maybe the kids get off on St. Paddy's Day? Not sure, but it looks like a very small school, most likely for toddlers.

Canal Road is becoming one huge garbage dump. Besides, containing more than it's share of neighborhood litter, someone has decided that the trees needed to get a good whacking too. I'm not sure what's happening down there, but it is a path I have to take in order to get to Road 9, and it just seems to be looking worse and worse each time I pass through.

On the other side of the Metro tracks, The Swiss Chalet is now The Cellar Door Bistro. Same menu, same ownership, same chef, just a new name.  They replaced some of the chairs with white pleather booth seats.

Last, but not least, on Road 118 The Roastery is undergoing renovation. The Bank of Abu Dhabi machine in front of the Residence Hotel has not been working for three weeks now, even though the hotel management has called them numerous times. This is a real pain in the ass for the folks who live nearby (like me), and don't want to walk a mile in 100 degree heat to get our hands on some cash.


  1. Thanks for sharing those!! Loved Petis Swiss Chalet...I can still picture the little old man who waited on us!

    Did you tell me Canal road used to actually be a canal? Did you also know that's a popular place for young couples to 'park'?

  2. I think Canal Road used to be a canal. I thought I read that somewhere.

    We do see young couples sitting on the steps to nowhere, sometimes, but not so much lately - too hot, maybe?