Sunday, July 22, 2007

The American Muslim

As stated in my Weekend Update Prelude, this week The Washington Post, Slate and Newsweek are coordinating efforts to host a discussion about Islam, called "Muslims Speak Out." Newsweek has already issued it's Special Edition and WaPo has started it's weeklong special with Ali Gomaa: Jihad Misunderstood, Misapplied; ABDUALLAH AL-ASKAR: Terrorist Acts an Abomination; MERVE KAVAKCI:Women's Rights or Privileges?; CHANDRA MUZAFFAR: Free to Believe, or Not; By Jon Meacham and Sally Quinn: Why "Muslims Speak Out" Matters; Interfaith Dialogue, Understanding Vital to All

Warning: Listen Up! The sound on this video is not good. (Also, if it quits working, you can get the link on the main Newsweek, Islam in America page.)

Check out: Islam in America, A Special Report with the following articles: (all links available on the main article page)

The Ideals We Share

Internet Imams: Inside the Cyber-Jihad

What It's Like to Wear the Hijab in the U.S.

On Faith: Muslims Speak Out on Violence, Human Rights, Religion

Photo Gallery: Portraits of a Community

Video: The American Muslim

Graphic: Where They Come From

Muslims and Soccer: A High School Controversy

Poll: Americans Are Mixed on U.S. Muslims

Slam Dancing for Allah

Live Talk: Islam in America

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