Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday

Funkengroovin Wednesday is being posted a little later than ususal. Vagabondblogger and a few family members spent Tuesday in New York City, taking the train from New Haven and back, getting home extremely late last night. Since I didn't have time to find a video, I added a photo of the Naked Cowboy (top only) for your pleasure (or disgust.)

As I said in last week's post, I found some interesting VW Bugs while I was packing up to leave Cairo.
Here's a two-tone Bug with a rebuilt dashboard (padded), new steering wheel, and collapsible steering column.

A preview of things to come. I took quite a few photos of this car in the evening, but the camera flash distorts the color. So the owner told me, he was still working on the car a it would be finished in a few weeks, when I will have my new camera! But, here's a photo of the light wipers he has installed. I hope to get back together with him to get some better photos and more information on this little pimped out machine.

Here's a little red Bug in excellent condition, we found in Maadi Gedida.

The Apple Store in New York City is always a great place to visit. We went in just after the sudden downpour Tuesday afternoon.

The Apple "geniuses" have no clue how to fix the leaking light fixture and ceiling. They actually don't have a clue as to how to fix a computer either - just a bunch of snotty remarks to make you the owner feel like shit and to certify their own feelings of self worth. What other reason is there for their existence?

The Naked Cowboy. I only included this topless version for two reasons:

1: Some people might be offended by his attire (just Jockeys and a cowboy hat.) Besides, I wasn't able to get the famous "guitar hiding the undies" shot that most people see of him.
2: In addition, I thought this photo was a lot more telling than the other ones where he posed for me. Get a look at his right hand. He's inviting a woman to have her photo taken with him, and it looks like he's subtly giving her the finger! He was groping every woman he got his hands on, which I understand he doesn't normally do. I was going to get my photo taken with him, but I'm kinda glad he didn't touch me, now. He also looked unusually scruffy and not as buffed up as usual. He just looked a little bit too funky for me (I do have my limits).


    You are too much!
    That bit about the APPPLE geniuses! So funny!
    And the NAked cowboy?
    Well, turns out he aint that NEKKID after all! Just as well, but we dont want to go into the ramifications of that.....
    Btw I loved the wiper on the Beetle's headlights. I had become obsessed with owning a Beetle @ one stage. Then Burger King did this WIN A BEETLE thing if you upsized the meal. God knows how many I ate. As a result I only upsized my posterior....*SIGH*
    Now even tho I think its as cute as a button, I am happier with my car.

  2. Sorry for being a prat. While summer looms and as yet we seem to have no plans to do anything. The two options are drive down to Syria or visit Egypt.
    But I dont want to do the whole hot and dusty thing. I loathe summer.
    Is it very hot in Cairo? In August? Any rains?

  3. Kaya: Actually this will be my first summer in Egypt. I hear Alexandria is pretty nice - it's on the Mediterranean and is much cooler than inland cities. Down near Aswan is supposed to be VERY hot and Cairo is supposed to range around 100 degrees. Also, Sharm is very hot too, from what I hear. I will know more in September - hahaha. I know that doesn't really help you, but most of this is what I've heard from Cairenes.

  4. Hiya Kaya, my friend spends her summers in Sharm, she says it's definitely not as hot as here.

    VBB, sounds like you're having fun in NY. I am yet to see the Big Apples. 2 weeks and I'm out of here. hawoo....