Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday

I know, this is not a V.W., but when I saw this "official" car parked in Maadi, I almost broke out in howls of laughter. I just had to get a picture of an "official" archaeological expedition car, hahaha. I mean, who the hell advertises their activities like that. You know - "look at me. I'm an archaeologist. I'm special. Oooeeeh, I dig it!" Especially a team from Belgium. Who knew they were even interested? I thought it was a joke - a boondoggle for a bunch of Belgians "taking holiday" in Egypt.

Well the joke's on me. Read all about it here:
Belgians find tomb of ancient Egypt courtier: Sun May 20, 2007 4:27PM BST

CAIRO (Reuters) - Belgian archaeologists have discovered the intact tomb of an Egyptian courtier who lived about 4,000 years ago, Egypt's culture ministry said on Sunday.
The team from Leuven Catholic University accidentally found the tomb, one of the best preserved of its time, while excavating a later burial site at the Deir al-Barsha necropolis near the Nile Valley town of Minya, south of Cairo.

Ha,ha,ha -blah, blah,blah - okay, a dinner of humble pie is being served up this evening at the Vagabondblogger house. Actually, I've been logging on to the Egyptology Blog daily, just 'cause I'm sort of interested - okay? It's definitely not taking my attention away from V.W.'s. I just want to make that clear.
Now on to V.W.'s.
Nice car, nice color and original interior - ooh, and preserved so well - did I say that?). Sorry people.

HIPPYMOBILES: A Collection of Psychedelic Buses from the Haight-Ashbury homepage. How did I find this, you might ask. Well, while I was writing up a post on the hijab, I included a link for Haight-Ashbury (don't ask why - you'll have to read the post, when it's posted!) And tada! (No real connection - just read the upcoming post, and you'll see.)

Click on the little bus in the lower right hand corner to go to the Hippymobile page. Not all are VW's, but they've got some pretty wild photos.

This man has no idea how old his van is, "it's verrry old." He doesn't speak English well either, but understood we liked his van, "quais, quais (nice, nice)." Notice - no sideview mirrors, no VW insignia, and no spare tire (and it looks like his right rear tire is getting just a little flat.

No sideview mirrors, no problem. Here in Cairo a lot of things are broken:

In traffic:

I have a 2005, Purple Haze (that's the color) MINI. I love it! I also like Smart Cars, but I don't like GPS or cars that talk (back) to me! This movie is really good. The Boss Man and I watched it twice in one week - but, I think the Boss Man had other reasons, different from mine, for wanting to watch it again. You can check out the movie yourselves - this isn't movie review day - sorry.

Russell Crowe--"Baby You Can Drive My Car"
Vidclips from "A Good Year" set to the Beatle's "Baby You Can Drive My Car"

Btw, I've been wondering what happened to my Chinese viewers lately. I had a pretty good contigent for awhile, then, suddenly, they disappeared. Well, my site is blocked! If anyone else is having the same problem, you can go to Great Firewall Of China to see if your site is blocked as well. Also, from what I've heard, the United Arab Emirates has blocked flickr and Turkey is blocking Youtube. As I said, this is, "what I've heard." My guess is I was blocked in China due to my blogs tagged "censorship." That's the best I can come up with. I know there are readers in China who are as passionate about VW's as I am, and this censorship, is just a load of bullshit!

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