Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Funkengroovin Wednesday

Photo on the left taken 21 March 2007: I was walking home after ordering a delivery from Drinkies (the local liquor store) with my hands full of groceries and flowers and spotted this van. Well, this young man was out walking towards the van, talking to himself and just as I was going to take the photo, he pulled some keys out of his pocket. When I asked to take a photo of the van, he, of course, felt an obligation to pose with it.
Photo on the right, same van, taken 1 May 2007.

Photo on the left taken 16 March 2007. This bug is usually always covered, but the past week it was uncovered to display it's beautiful eggplant color. Photo on the right taken 1 May 2007.

I know these aren't VW photos, but the three below show different methods of "delivery" in Cairo. Just about everyone delivers here in Cairo (fast food, alcohol, groceries, etc.) Some arrive via motorcycle, vans/buses and many use bicycles.

Red van found near Cairo American College in Maadi. Just says Volkswagen on the left rear and then only Bus on the right rear.

The muffler shops. Photo on the left taken while driving by it. This is the street I call "crazy street" since it's extremely busy and looks like you can find a variety of wares not typically found anywhere else.

The Boss Man just got Showtime Arabia hooked up in the bedroom, so now I can flip between FOX News and Al Jazeera English version for a thoroughly comprehensive outlook on world affairs from both extremes. It also has MTV Europe (?) which is the only MTV channel that still plays music (and pretty crappy music at that.) In addition it also has a dedicated Bollywood channel, which I love! So today it's Dire Straits.

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

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